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  • It's nice to see that there's already a Minecraft subforum. Is anyone else playing the console version of Minecraft, especially PS3 or Xbox 360? The PS3 version was only recently released at the end of 2013, so the community there is still growing. I'm currently anticipating TU14 as it is supposed to bring several of the features of the PC version to the consoles. Hopefully to be out soon (if the speculations are true).

  • After playing several times on the PS3 Minecraft I still have trouble remembering what combination does what. I love the multiplayer functionality more on console since it seems to be more robust compared to a normal server hosted by a regular person. Maybe if they allowed a bluetooth enabled keyboard that works with the PS3 then it'd be perfect since the layout is easier to understand IMO.

    It's really good if you just start on the PS3. I never used many skins and mods myself so I don't miss much of those either.

  • I don't use any mods either and am mostly happy with the default skins. 4J Studios has now released a couple of skin packs for the PS3 and they are (IMO) quite good. Certainly good enough for me.

    Also TU14 (V 1.04) has finally been released a while ago. I know it's hard for non-players/outsiders to get excited but finally there's carpet and quartz! I guess that's like giving a kid a set of new Legos. It's fun and a motivation to keep on building and trying out new architecture.
    There are a few bugs in the latest update so there is already TU15 as bugfix update in the pipeline. I think it's currently submitted to Sony for testing and should be out anytime soon - maybe it's already out by now, need to check.

    Using the controllers is quite ok for me but I personally also prefer the PS3 controllers over keyboard + mouse. They make it easy to build long rows of blocks, horizontally and vertically.
    However there are still a couple of restrictions in comparison to the PC version. Most notably for me: World size and draw distance. The world feels awfully small in comparison to PC and it isn't possible to see very far because things in the not-too-far distance just get cut off from view.

    Anyway, it's still fun and a huge timewaster. 😛

  • I may be a few days late but I can now confirm that TU15 (V 1.05) has been released for PS3.

  • Also, don't forget about the upcoming Steam Machines. The consoles running on either Steam OS or Windows 7+, which brings the gaming to the couch, hence having the peasants introduced in the PC Master Race! (Sorry, too much 9gag…)
    Now you (all) can trully have a genuine Master Race gaming experience!

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