Keep Current Bookmark Selected After Cancelling Tree Search

  • Tree Search is a great feature at which Vivaldi by far excels any other browser. However, it still has a caveat which has kind of blocked my productivity almost every day since tree search was introduced a year ago.

    After cancelling the search expression (clicking on x), the currently selected bookmark becomes unselected, and I have to enter and search the same expression again to get where I was.

    Why would I want the "found bookmark" and its path to remain selected? Because sometimes, the current folder contains additional interesting bookmarks to investigate, which are not visible, because they themselves don't match the search expression.

    E.g., assume I search for "Azure" in my bookmarks panel and find the "Dev Services/Azure/Azure Services by Region" bookmark. I select that, and then cancel the search expression, in order to be able to see what else is in the "Azure" folder. But after cancelling, the whole selection is lost, forcing me to start all over again.

  • THIS is what I was looking for... Wondering why no one else has upvoted this?

    Whenever I search for a bookmark I also want to access its neighbors (because I put the nearly same bookmarks in the same folders) but when I cancel the search, I lose all trace of where the bookmark was before and have no idea how to get to that specific folder within the big bookmarks tree...

    I hope they implement this soon...

  • @Marc-Sigrist Many thanks for asking this. It's my one and only frustration with Vivaldi since I ditched Opera 12, which exhibited this excellent behavior.

    Currently, my solution is to open the Bookmarks edition window and perform my search there again. I often have exactly the same intention as the one you stated: explore other interesting bookmarks in the folder.

  • @VoodooPriest Wow, why did I not find this workaround myself (using the Bookmarks tab/window instead of the Bookmarks panel)! Thanks, your advice helps a lot, eventhough it would be much preferrable if the panel behaved equally well.

  • @Marc-Sigrist
    Long after you, I just made this request on a local forum: I translate it to support this feature request :

    I am terribly missing a layout in VV. When I search for a bookmark in the side panel (consequent list), the filtering is quite efficient. But other bookmarks belonging to the same folder, can meet the criteria of my search, without the applied filter being operative (for lack of tags).

    I would like the unfiltered list to return to the last bookmark or folder highlighted during filtering by pressing ESC.
    The only way is to proceed to find the file, is to memorize the path well and then laboriously reopen the cascade of folder to the target

    text alternatif

  • @hipeline
    This feature i'miss since opera 12.x, it's a BIG time saver for daily users. It makes Vivaldi unique compared to other

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