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  • I've got thousands of bookmarks and keep the Bookmark panel permanently on screen on the left side BUT bookmarks regularly change, for example when the bookmarked page no longer exists. To update it is too difficult. Really, I have to bookmark the active page into the correct bookmark folder, then delete my old bookmark, then rename my new bookmark. In short, I tend to avoid updating at all as it's just too tiresome.

    With Avant, I can simply rightclick on the bookmark>Edit<Use Current. That's it.
    I'm trying to get off Avant, so please make the bookmark update slicker.

  • @too_many_browsers To move a bookmark to a different folder:

    • Open the bookmarked page
    • Add to bookmarks
    • Select the new folder

    Vivaldi does not duplicate it, but moves it to the new folder.

    To modify an existing URL, use the Bookmarks description pane in the Bookmarks Panel.

    0_1532685228654_Edit Bookmark URL.png

  • @Too_many_browsers

    The Bookmark Title, URL, Description, and Nickname can also be edited from the Add bookmark dialogue if you attempt to add the bookmark again from the bookmarked page.

    0_1543605305737_Edit Bookmark.png

    If, for example, you want to edit a bookmark made on page 21 of a long forum thread, and change it to point to page 35, just open the bookmark to page 21, add it again, and edit the URL from 21 to 35.

    The bookmark can also be deleted from this same dialogue.


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