• Deal Breakers: 1. No way to give feedback, without joining some annoying Forum! 2. Blog Site was in every language, other than English, horrific! 3. Froze while importing Firefox bookmarks, had to force quit! 4. Bookmark Manger was excruciatingly frustrating, worthless! 5. Ask for "Chromium Safe Storage" Keychain Access, without explanation! 6. Forced to join this ridiculous forum! 7.. I hate forums for they are full of annoying do-gooders and worst! I do not want to socialize or tolerate, I just want to offer feedback and get this Browser working. Being harassed and annoyed by this worthless forum is non-sense and a waste of resources, time and energy, yours and mine! 8. Not sure if you want to build a Social Site or a Web Browser and Email Client? Has the bones to build a fully capable Default Browser, further down the road. Mission Statement sounds great, wish you much success! Update: Tueday April, 28 2015 Support contacted myself and provided address for Bug Report Site: Also provided Team blog address, which is, in English: The provided email address interfaced with Thunderbird, without a hitch. Waiting for their first Beta release, to earnestly work on it's development.

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