Snapshot ( more bugfixing

  • [b][size=4]Download ([/size][/b] Changelog VB-5265 - Unread page indicator in tab stack VB-5251 - Highlight color in URL complete resets for every char even if there is no other options VB-5115 - Reload of speed dial fails in folder VB-4772 - Browsers are incorrect in import dialog VB-4312 - Bindings for keyboard aren’t cleaned up when changing binding in settings VB-2602 - Task manager missing on Mac VB-4766 - Don’t close Vivaldi without prior warning VB-3633 - Title is not updated by javascript VB-1824 - The “Accept and Install” text in the EULA link must change to “Accept and Upgrade” if we are upgrading VB-1894 - Context menus are out of position (HiDPI and Linux) VB-5018 - Chromium is opened instead of Vivaldi when default browser is Vivaldi VB-5183 - NSL Progress bar on going back to SD VB-4754 - Fix mouse gestures for Mac and Linux


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