List layout for visual tab cycler – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.16.1246.7

  • Windows 7 64bits sp1. Here downloads list on panel still no work.

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    @gh0stzk I see no previous posts by you on this issue. Start a new thread in the Windows forum.

    If a reported bug is fixed it should be listed as fixed in the Blog. If it is not listed, then it has not been fixed.

    If you have not already done so, please submit a Bug Report

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  • Since a couple of Snapshots (or even longer), Vivaldi refuses to exit at all. Neither shortcut, close-icon nor system event will exit the application. Instead, I have to force-close Vivaldi. If I save the session, close all windows and force-close Vivaldi, it works once for the next time after reloading the session. I suspect it's something related to many tabs (3 windows, 63+14+18 tabs). Have you seen this behavior, too?


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    @stevekong For Mac and Linux, that is master bug VB-34824 "Not possible to Quit Vivaldi"

  • @gwen-dragon said in List layout for visual tab cycler – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.16.1246.7:

    and Linux, that is master bug VB-34824 "Not possible to Quit Vivaldi"

    I do not understand this. It must be more complex & subtle than just "Linux", given that this alleged problem has never occurred to me in any of my V-SS installations in Manjaro & other Linux distros.

  • @mikefield: I can also confirm this behaviour with the 32-bit version of the snapshot running on Windows 10.

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    @mikefield said in List layout for visual tab cycler – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.16.1246.7:


    We could not repduce your issue on 1.16.1246.7 and internal daily versions!

  • @pesala Thanks for ur orientation. Yes there is no previous post because im a casual user but i love vivaldi. I use the snapshot builds, and last release and one before i have this issue and i thought in last release it was fixed because of this "Further improvements to start up performance related to the download panel (VB-40417)" but no. i will post my bug properly way. thanks.

  • @gwen-dragon: I see. Any chance it will be fixed before final?

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    @stevekong I hope so.

  • RE: VB40151 This was fixed in the last 2 snapshots, however when the pdf viewer is open, the mouse cursor does not trigger the hover events at all as described in the bug report

  • @michael_from_germany: As I have said before, mouse gestures are the first victims of every update. The worst thing: their inconsistent behavior cannot always pinned down!

  • @pesala said:

    @michael_from_germany No such problem for me.

    I use GestureUp, GestureDown for close page

    What I have noticed is that the context menu does sometimes show up instead of the gesture working. Try reloading the page and wait a few seconds.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.16.1246.7 (64-bit)

    There are some websites the gesture function and others the gesture does not function. On Amazon Germany (my link) the mouse gesture für closing a tab does not work for me.

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    @michael_from_germany I tested on your linked page. The gestures work just fine for me.

    Try disabling all extensions.

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    @gh0stzk Problem with empty download panel is reported already, and also devs working on fix this.

  • Good stuff.
    Is the sticky scroll bar bug fixed yet? I read in the comments a couple snapshots back that it was, but never found it in the changelog. It seems to be a big deal that should be noted. If so, where can I find the full changelogs?

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    @vividal That is this bug (confirmed, but no progress): VB-40138 "Vivaldi keeps scrolling down"

  • I'm having some huge problems with youtube video player size. It is way too big on my 15inch laptop screen no matter what I've tried. Reinstalling vivaldi from scratch, removed cookies/cache..everything. Or is this some “fantastic” new youtube feature?! it is a big NO from me. An incredibly annoying thing. Edge is doing the same thing and only firefox works fine here. Also the settings page in Vivaldi is not working for me at all again. Tool/Sttings and nothing happens. This is the second snapshot version with the same bug for me. Win 10 x64.

  • Holy hell, the panel auto collapse is amazing. I always use the Floating Panel because it loads and closes significantly faster since it isn't resizing the viewport of the page itself, so this is fantastic.

    The only suggestion I have would be that maybe clicking on the tab itself, not the viewport of said tab, wouldn't collapse the tab? I often switch to other apps, and then return to Vivaldi by clicking the tab itself, since I am not always returning to the same tab. And when doing this, it closes the panel.

    Also it closes the panel when I open another app, like File Explorer, and Vivaldi loses focus. I am happy it closes when I click inside the viewport of a tab, but I wish it would remain open when the app loses focus, and I would be so happy if it only closed when the focus was placed inside the viewport of the page. Now I can't leave the panel open when I am working on something else in a smaller window over Vivaldi, easily monitoring downloads.

    Thank you again for adding the auto collapse of the panel, I just hope that the criteria for what defines losing focus is constrained to the viewport of the webpage itself, rather than the whole app (aside from the empty area of the tab bar, which seems immune), and does not hide when Vivaldi itself loses focus. Auto collapse would be best if it closed only if the focus is returned to inside the tab itself.

    Thanks again! This version is MUCH improved from the last two, and isn't constantly crashing when clicking on random UI elements at random times, most notably when restoring a session, then I tried to close the original empty browser window I launched the restore from. This seems to have stopped occurring, so that is a huge help. Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

  • Win 10 64, Viv 64

    Not having page bar scroll sticky where runs down on own, but locks out can't go down on certain websites or pages it seems.

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