List layout for visual tab cycler – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.16.1246.7

  • Seems the mouse gestures don't freeze for some seconds anymore, I can select a site from speed dial, mouse gesture for back, select immediately another thumb, all ok.

  • Oh, and incredibly enough, middle click held down while moving the mouse doesn't select anymore the text 🙂
    Now I only have to test if I can finally remove Magic Actions for YouTube extension without crashing.

  • @gwen-dragon: Already up )

  • Regarding "Focus-based panel auto collapse," is it in the plan to take the feature to its logical end and make it so that it's not necessary to have the sidebar strip visible at all times in order to use it with this function?

    Some sort of way to mouse over to the left, automatically invoke the full side panel, and then have it (totally) auto collapse when done? It's really close to what you have already, but for the need to have the strip and click into it to expand it.

  • This snapshot still crashes when opening Developers Tools.
    I will revert to 1.16.2111 the last snapshot that don't crash.

    My config:
    1.16.1246.7 (Build oficial) (64 bits)
    Revisión 9692f1b5efe9718f1ededb9a89f025be92848312-refs/branch-heads/3440@{#132}
    Sistema operativo Windows
    JavaScript V8
    Installed active extensions:
    AdBlock 3.32.0
    Classic Images 1.5

  • @driverop

    Yep, for me too.

    If I just open DevTools as a window and close it, it's fine, but if I make any live changes and try to close it, instant crash

    [Regression] Crash if undocked Developer Tools opens from popup (VB-41215) - still broken

  • When are you guys is going to address the issue that the whole browser closed then restarted again with close-tab gesture which happened at previous snapshots??

  • @sjudenim:
    I think it has something to do with extensions.
    I deactivated all extensions and opening Developers Tools does not cause a crash, even making live changes.
    And I think, in my case, the "culprit" is AdBlock extension.
    What about you?

  • @ian-coog said in List layout for visual tab cycler – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.16.1246.7:

    Now I only have to test if I can finally remove Magic Actions for YouTube extension without crashing.

    Worked flawlessly, thanks for another worrying bug fixed

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    I absolutly love this snapshot! Especially "Tile new tabs in a tab stack".
    Great job everyone

  • @masterleo29 yep, new features AND bugfixes, it's always xmas earlier every snapshot release.

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    Tile new tabs in tab stacks changes the Tiling order. I use a 1200x1600 portrait monitor, so only horizontal tiling is useful for me.

    • Stack two tabs
    • Tile them horizontally
    • Open a new link in the tab stack
    • Tabs become tiled vertically

    Similarly, closing one tab in a horizontally tiled stack or group, reverts to vertical tiling. Reported bug earlier as:

    (VB-41671) Tiling Changes Orientation on Restart or Reopen Tabs

  • The tab scrolling as a list is nice and makes the thumbnail listing useless, but I observe (in both cases) that there is a "hesitation" in changing tabs. Sometimes although you see the site in the list preview, you actually have to click on the tab listed to go there. In other words, the previewed tab is not always synced with the actual one in the background.

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    @minegroasprilla You seem to be obsessed with benchmark speed tests. Why? It is not the most important factor for fast browsing. Please read this thread and follow the discussion on Reddit if you wish.

  • Lastpass still doesn't work if you click on the lastpass icon in a login form field. So you have to go up to the lastpass icon on the top of the browser window.

  • works great so far. but installation did not quite work as easy. tried to install snapshot besides regular version, which did not work (installation aborted, something about closing running instances of vivaldi). did that, did not work. uninstalled regular version, rebooted the pc, ran ccleaner, still does not work, other versions (even reinstalling the regular version did not work). when i changed the directory to install the browser in, i got another error.

    turns out the installation did not have admin rights so something inside the file system blocked the installation/upgrade. ran the setup as admin, worked flawlessly. maybe integrate that into the regular setup process, since the problem has not been another running instance, as the error message suggested, but the installers rights.

    also the tab titles are a bit too big. i dont know if their size can be adjusted in user settings, either way: some letters are cut at the bottom. e.g.: the lower case g (fresh installation, tabs at top)

    btw: i installed this snapshot because it has sync. is there a forum section/topic about the whole sync thing? i would like to read about suggestions, updates etc. the latest things i found where months to years old.

  • YESSSS!!!! With "List layout for visual tab cycler" another super great must have feature from Opera is back :-). Finally I can use the tab cycler again (with lots of tabs all other variants are horrible). So with this spirit bring back more and more features that we used to love back at opera days ;)!

  • @xtremalraven: This has been a bug since the right-click-scroll tab switcher was implemented. I hate it when the mousewheel swaps tabs if I'm hovering over the tab bar, but if I disable this, the right-click-wheel function stops working.

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    @bratetsvolk Use the Bookmarks Menu Instead. It works fine with the mouse or the keyboard access keys: Alt+B, B, V, B for example to submit a bug report (for my bookmarks menu below).

    0_1532383703344_Bookmark Menu Access Keys.png

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    [New feature] List layout for visual tab cycler (VB-19167)

    Good one!

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