Interesting benchmark test by one of our users!

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    I am not a member of Reddit, so cannot comment there.

    I used to check benchmark tests regularly on Futuremark Peacekeeper, comparing Opera 12 to other browsers.

    However, in these days of broadband the differences have become insignificant. Honestly, who can tell the difference between 300 milliseconds and 500 milliseconds?

    What matters most for fast browsing is customisability. If I can arrange my menus, toolbars, and shortcuts exactly how I wish, browsing becomes so much more efficient.

    Customised Opera Link Context Menu

    0_1532337271186_Opera 12.18 Link Context Menu.png

    Default Vivaldi Link Context Menu

    0_1532337262040_Vivaldi Link Context Menu.png

    By removing items I never use, hitting those that I do need becomes quicker. Adding commands to launch a URL in another browser saves several seconds for Copy URL, launch other browser, and paste & go in the other browser.

    When you can save 5 seconds for that, who cares about saving a few milliseconds for loading a page? Heavy pages that take tens of seconds to load can be loaded in the background while I continue reading or whatever.

  • @Pesala said in Interesting benchmark test by one of our users!:

    in these days of broadband the differences have become insignificant.

    I have a very fast internet connection most of the time (7ms), but sometimes it goes all slow. An internet speed test shows everything is as fast as usual, but it takes ages to load all web pages. That's when I run browser benchmarks. The last time I did this, after the problem went away, Vivaldi came out on top. Usually Google Chrome wins, followed jointly by Chromium and Vivaldi coming in at a close second, and Firefox coming in Paddy last.

    last test:

    Speedometer 2.0

    Vivaldi: 90.5
    Google Chrome: 87
    Chromium: 85
    Firefox: can't remember exactly - just shy of 60

    I don't have Opera.
    When my internet connection is working the way it's supposed to, I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference in browser speeds. Nonetheless, it's great to see Vivaldi come out on top. Go Vivaldi!

    (computer - Intel Pentium G4560, 2 x 4GB DDR4 O.S. GNU Linux Ubuntu 18.04)

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