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    @AlexKven said in Vivaldi for android:

    Sounds exactly like what I heard 8 months ago when I first started looking to see if Vivaldi was working on a mobile version. Is there a timeline as to when we can expect a beta version? Has much progress been made since February?

    I will mention, 8 months ago Mobile was not in broad internal testing (for instance I did not have access to a copy). Now we internal testers have it on our phones. It's pretty good, actually. No sync yet, etc., so not ready for release.

    Is there a timeline? Vivaldi does not issue timelines. Jon has said publicly he expects it to be released this year.

    Has much progress been made since February? I'm on my third test version.

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    @Ayespy said in Vivaldi for android:

    Has much progress been made since February? I'm on my third test version.

    I hate to jump the gun, but this sounds very similar to the level of progress back when desktop was getting its technical previews. That looks to me to be a s
    Strong indicator we will get a public test version sometime this year if progress keeps up.

  • Personally, I want to leave Chrome ASAP. But I also want to move to Chromium-based browser which can sync between PC and Android. Whether it will be Vivaldi or Edge I actually don't care. Thing is that MS already has Edge for Android. So question is, who's gonna be first, if MS with it's Chromium version of Edge or Vivaldi for Android. I figure I am not the only one in similar situation, so winner will take a lot if not all.

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    @davidsvetlik Edge has a working mobile browser, but desktop is still in development.

    Vivaldi has a working desktop browser, but mobile is still in development.

    Take your pick, I guess šŸ¤·ā€ā™€ļø

  • @LonM Edge has both its browser on desktop and mobile and now it develops edge on chromium to replace the older one on EdgeHTML thereby increasing the number of platforms by Linux and macOS and its mobile application works very well and in terms of synchronization Vivaldi has something to learn (the button to send pages to other devices just mega). Although you can't compare Microsoft giant to Vivaldi, we're still waiting for Vivaldi to be released for android and ios.


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