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  • Hello. My appreciation to everyone involved in making this wonderful browser. I'm coming from Safari (and Chrome and Firefox) and really liking the change. Now, the issue I'm having. After watching a video in fullscreen, I hit esc to return to normal size, and the the whole browser window shrinks. (looks the same as when the program was first opened). You have to grab the bottom right corner and stretch it back out to fill the desktop. Has anyone else had this happen? Every time for me. I'm using Snapshot and OS X 10.10.3.

  • Another problem I'm finding is some videos not loading that work fine in other browsers, eg

  • Even though I seem to be talking to myself. I updated to snapshot, and now can report that in addition to my other problems, several extensions that were working previously, now don't. Hola Better Internet and Google Translate. Unfortunately all these failures have now rendered Vivaldi useless to me.

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    Vivaldi does not yet officially support extensions, so you use them at your own risk.

    If Vivaldi is still too immature for you (it is for many) and your temperament is not suited to testing software under development (and still pretty primitive in many respects) then perhaps you should wait until the project is more mature and try it again.

  • Thanks for those words of wisdom. Apart from the extensions, do the other problems I mentioned affect everyone? or am I doing something wrong?

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    Hmmmm. The problem with the video you mentioned above is not present for me. It plays just fine here. Of course I am on Windows 8.1, not Mac, so I don't know what player or codec your system is trying to use. Mine is using PPAPI Flash to play it.

    As to the extensions - there was several weeks there where even trying to install an extension on Mac was guaranteed to crash the browser. It would appear Mac is not out of the woods on extensions. I don't try to install them, so I can't comment on results here.

    There have been a number of complaints about full-screen being windowed, Retina and 4K displays being problematic, and even certain instances of the entire UI being displayed really tiny or really huge on certain machines. Whether any of these could be related to your experience with videos? Can't say. It is also a phenomenon I have not seen here.

    Perhaps some Mac users will chime in after sunup. In the meantime, good luck.

  • @Copperhead:

    Another problem I'm finding is some videos not loading that work fine in other browsers, eg

    Its same with my issue since 3 week ago

  • sometimes the bar that shows up when you hover over a video (if you want to pause, fast forward and rewind, audio, and other settings) doesn't come up on vivaldi on mac…


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