Import Chrome bookmarks?

  • Any way to do this yet? Great browser!

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    Export them to HTML and then import them, or copy the Chrome bookmarks file into the Vivaldi folder.

  • HTML and import- thanks!

  • Vivaldi menu –> File --> Import data --> chrome

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    Vivaldi menu –> File --> Import data --> chrome

    Uhpp! You're right of course! I totally forgot we have Chrome listed now! I wonder - was that already true for TP2? I can't keep track of what was missing from that bronze age version.

  • thanks for answer, This is my issue since 3 days ago

  • I am crashing every time I select "import data." That's as far as I get.

    Just downloaded today…. long time Camino user... now my default is Opera Next, but love new browsers and am willing to play around and watch it grow....

  • It is known issue, thanks.

  • Thank you! This was the biggest pain for me loosing all my bookmarks. Now I don't need to worry!

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