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  • Today I tried open one document in WordBee environment to translate online using Vivaldi (on Windows XP SP3 32bit). I was surprised - only black page with dead-bird was loaded for very first time... Is that something like error text message replacement??? Attachments: [img][/img]

  • You know I was going to ask that once myself. It happened to me 2-3 times one day a few weeks ago, but before I gever got around to posting, I forgot about it.

    I assumed it signified that particular tab had crashed. If you get it again and Vivaldi is still responsive otherwise, try looking at Vivaldi's Task Manager (Menu > Tools > Task Manager) and I imagine it will display something different for that tab than others (but I don't know if it will be nothing, or wording that indicates a crashed tab, or what).

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    No, this is not a substitution of an error page. It means the renderer crashed on you and Vivaldi can't display any message anymore.
    If you encounter this repeatedly on any page, please report a bug.

  • Thanks, Christoph. :)

  • i wanted to try vivaldi out since yesterday. Today I get many dead-bird tabs. I had to reload this page 5 times in a new tab until it stopped displaying this dead bird. So if you want a sample-url go to
    It also happens on and on I first noticed the bird after I loaded a link with the right click drag down mouse gesture (for a new tab). It worked when I opened the link in the same page but didn't when opened in a new tab.

    Is there any news on why this happens? It's really frustrating. I'm going back to opera for now, maybe I'll come back another time.

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