Help! Express panel is empty .

  • Hi! Tell me, what do I do ? After you upgrade your browser. I cleared all the bookmarks bar . There were so many things and now everything is possible and can not be recovered. Thanks!

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    Did you have a standalone install? If so, your "Profile" folder was replaced with a "User Data" folder. You can move the relevant files (bookmarks, etc) from the Profile folder to the User Data Folder, OR, you can (with Vivaldi CLOSED) rename the User Data folder to User Dataold or User Data1 or whatever, then rename your Profile folder to User Data, restart the browser, and everything should be back where it was.

  • Tried to find a profile is not found. But does rebooted several times and restored all by itself. What was new is gone somewhere.
    Tell me, in the future will be able to decrease the windows, and updated with a given periodicity?
    On to the left in the toolbar will be a possibility to receive RSS Feed?

    Thank you!

  • So just checking to be sure: Did you get your bookmarks back? If so, good. 😉

    I don't think RSS feeds option exists yet, but will certainly be available, as will anything else typically offered in most other browsers.

  • The other possibility … make sure Vivaldi installed to the right directory. They updated the installer itself so that future versions will install properly, but old versions will not update properly if there was a space in the program path.

    Go to Help > About ... and see what is listed as "Executable path" For example, mine says

    Executable Path C:\Program Files (x86)\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe

    Yes, it says that because I did a manual update to fix it.

  • Thank you! All earned itself!

    Come to our high-tech industrial park residents in Russia :)! You have a great development!

  • @mifoto:

    Come to our high-tech industrial park res
    We're not the developers… ...just other users like you. 😉

    Glad you've joined us.. 🙂


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