Bookmark icons slow to display in 1.15+

  • I can't figure out why as of 1.15, the little icon next to bookmarks--whether it's a favicon or even whether it's the generic white icon for sites that don't have them--are slow to display when scrolling through bookmarks. Bookmarks in either the side panel or from the start page.

    It's slow enough that your scrolling down a folder easily gets ahead of the display of the icons! It used to be that they'd all display instantly.

    Once they finally load for a given folder, they will display normally (i.e instantly), but only for that session. Next time you start the browser, you're starting from scratch in terms of the display of these icons (again, regardless if it's an actual favicon or the generic one).

    Something about the very nature of how these are read seems to have fundamentally changed with 1.15.

    I clear nothing upon exit of the browser. Not that I know what I could clear to cause this problem.

  • @rseiler
    Hi, may your hardware acceleration is disabled.
    I had to reinstall my system and Vivaldi lately and it was disabled.
    Search for hardware in vivaldi://settings

    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin said in Bookmark icons slow to display in 1.15:


    Good idea, but it's still enabled.

  • I won't be reporting this then, since apparently it's just me. But I don't really get it, since it wasn't happening with 1.14 but then suddenly was with 1.15.

  • @rseiler
    There's a known issue with the bookmark favicons when looking at bookmarks via the Bookmarks Menu. (With the bookmarks sidebar, there is no issue with the favicons.) When you mouseover on a particular folder within the Bookmarks Menu, all favicons are blank. If you mouseover that same folder again, favicons magically appear. But when you restart the Vivaldi, favicons are blank again ... Again, only when using the Bookmarks Menu which is what I use all the time. I hate the Bookmarks side bar for clicking on bookmarks.. too slow and cumbersome to expand/contract each folder.

  • Good to know. Yes, I'm seeing that in Bookmarks Menu. Which brings to mind that my problem was coincident with the Bookmarks Menu feature being added. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not, but I wonder if these issues have the same root cause. Particularly, as mentioned above, I also see improved behavior upon second visit to the sidebar (if that's a coincidence, it's a good one).

    Another aspect of this (in the sidebar) is even the generic white icons crawl upon first access. Those should be the easiest of all, since they're all the same.

  • Testing this problem in the late-August 1.16 snapshot, I see it's still there, but I think I have more clarity on it now.

    In Olde Opera days, performance problems would occur if you had too many favicons in your Images folder, which had a penchant for storing tens of thousands of them.

    With Vivaldi, it's all in one file, Favicons, and this problem seems to occur when that file is too large. In my case, 46MB.

    Testing with a 1MB file does not show the problem in 1.15 or 1.16.

    So, either I've crossed a magic Favicons size threshold that would have been a problem even in versions before 1.15, or it's a new problem with Favicons files of a certain size starting with 1.15. I can test that further by using 1.14.

    Does anyone have a Favicons file of this size or larger and not see the problem I described in the OP?

  • Moderator

    I can reproduce that behaviour. Here's what I do:

    1. Go to vivaldi://bookmarks
    2. Expand all folders (damn, I lost a good 5 minutes to do just that - there should be a button to "Expand all/Collapse all" somewhere 😕)
    3. Scroll quickly through bookmarks (to top or to bottom).

    Here are my results:

    • Favicons appear with a slight delay (about 1 second)
    • They appear with a delay every time I scroll through the bookmarks
    • They appear in an order, one after another, to top or to bottom (depending on the direction of scrolling).

    My setup: Vivaldi 1.15.1147.64 (Stable) (64-bit on Windows 10 ver. 1803, x64). Vivaldi installed as standalone on an SSD drive. Favicon file size: 9,84 MB.

  • @pafflick Thanks.

    I've since tested in 1.14 with the 46MB file and don't see the problem.

    It's very interesting that you do see it with a ~10MB file in 1.15, because when you factor in that I don't see it in 1.15 with a 1MB file, it does suggest that there is a threshold, just one that's a lot lower than expected.

    Also testing in Win10 and Vivaldi x64 here.

    So, I think we can conclude that this is a new problem in 1.15+ with a Favicons file that's sufficiently large (the problem comes in somewhere above 1MB but before you get to 10MB).

    I wonder if this is part of the favicons problem that @seeley mentioned above. That problem is also still around in 1.16. Maybe when one gets fixed, they both will.

    As for the slowness problem though, if it hasn't been reported yet, one of us should.

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    @rseiler My guess is that there is no threshold here. With ~1 MB the delay is just insignificant and it becomes more noticeable when the file gets larger. At least, that how usually those kinds of things work...

  • VB-43040

  • Present in 2.0.1295.3 (Official Build) (64-bit).

  • Ambassador

    @rseiler Try using the word "snapshot" instead of "official build". "Official build" has the connotation of being final.

  • Moderator

    @para-noid Don't worry about it, I think it's fine to call it like that in threads such as this one. Stable and Snapshots have different numbers anyway... 😉

  • Though it does bring up a good point why it's being called that in the build itself. I'm pretty sure it didn't used to do that. It certainly would be clearer if it didn't.

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    @pafflick I'm not that worried about it. I pointed it out because some people will think that v2.0 might be a final release.
    The keywords are "some" and "might". BTW, nowhere in the blog post did I see the term "official build". It was "snapshot".

  • Moderator

    @para-noid I know, I understand your point of view and I generally agree. It might be confusing to some people. But if you go to vivaldi://about, this is exactly what you would see (I think it's been like that for a while, it's nothing new in Snapshots - and it always been confusing).
    My point was that this is not such a popular thread, so IMO copying the string and putting it here "as is" shouldn't harm anyone.

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    @pafflick I know and I don't want to sound like a pita either. I have mentioned the "possible" confusion in the past. I live with it. That does not mean I like it. I don't like "confusion" at all. All confusion breeds is more confusion.

    For a snapshot the V>about page should say snapshot not official build. Okay, I'm done.

  • I was told that the issue can't be reproduced. Just so we're on the same page, this is what I'm talking about (happens in sidebar too).

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    @rseiler I've seen that. I just don't have access to the bug tracker, I can't confirm your issue there. Maybe you should send the link to the video in reply to the e-mail you received with your bug number?
    Please add that the issue is most likely caused by a significantly large number of bookmarks (not necessarily the size of the bookmarks file itself) and it probably depends on the device's performance.

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