Installer - Non-Elevated Install Wanted

  • First and foremost, a thank you. Can you distribute the program in ZIP file format like VLC Media Player ? "Vivaldi_TP2." Ran the above installer file on Vista x64. Got an elevation prompt. Denied elevation. That's it. No option to continue with installation.

  • You can use 7-Zip to open Vivaldis setup program. So you'll get, what you want.

  • @ThankYou:

    Your first post, so welcome! 🙂

    While what poncho suggested is true (can unpack with 7-Zip), a non-elevated installation option (e.g., single-user, standalone, or portable) has been requested several times and I can't imagine it won't eventually be available.

  • I extracted "Setup.Exe" from "Vivaldi_TP2.".

    "Setup.Exe" doesn't stay in RAM and never displays a UI.

    The example of VLC Media Player I gave, meant that you could open the ZIP file and copy the folder to a location of your choice, then run the executable (not a dedicated installer) directly. The older revisions of Micro Torrent and most programs under Linux/BSD based systems operate similarly.

  • I'm not even finding a Setup.exe in Vivaldi_TP2., but I strongly recommend using the most recent Developer snapshot rather than Technical Preview 2 (v.

    Vivaldi is developing rapidly and there have been numerous bug fixes and feature improvements since Technical Preview 2. Developer snapshots since then have generally been as stable, if not more stable, than TP2 (and TP3 is expected soon).

    Follow the Team Blog for weekly updates (usually on Mondays) and occasional mid-week updates.

    You mentioned Linux/BSD and this is the Vivaldi for Windows forum and I can't help if you're on Linux. 😛 But you also mentioned you had run the installer of Vista x64, where I believe the following steps should work to essentially create your own standalone installation:

    • open the Vivaldi installer in 7-Zip, and inside will be vivaldi.7z
    • open vivaldi.7z inside 7-Zip, and inside will be a Vivaldi-bin folder
    • open the Vivaldi-bin folder inside 7-Zip, and you should see vivalde.exe and a folder named as the version number
    • extract vivalde.exe and the version number folder wherever you want and run the the vivalde.exe executable
    …Vivaldi browser should open
    • IIRC the current version will create a User Data folder at the same level as your version number folder
    ...(earlier Vivaldi versions created a Profile folder)
    • if you want to move the installation or rename the installation folder for any reason, you will probably need to modify the stp.viv file to use a relative path as described in this post in order to keep the User Data folder properly linked with the executable and version folder (otherwise, the User Data folder may get re-created at the previous path location when you next run Vivaldi after the move/rename)

  • @ThankYou:

    I extracted "Setup.Exe" from "Vivaldi_TP2.".

    "Setup.Exe" doesn't stay in RAM and never displays a UI.

    Use 7zip for unpacking. Other packers either can't do it or the result is an unusable "setup.exe" (that I haven't seen so far).

  • Thought of that. The executable was signed. This means it matches the publisher's checksum / hash.

    Haven't gotten around to it but will check to see whether 7zip can unpackage Setup.Exe.


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