Floating panels – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.16.1226.3

  • @luetage said in Floating panels – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.16.1226.3:

    How did you get the forum mod there?

    Teehee, i simply did the SS update via the usual Manjaro / Arch Herecura repo. As i wrote previously, pre-update those other two icons were not there, post-upgrade they appeared. Note; for several weeks now, ever since you showed me the mod trick, i have run both V's with the Extensions Bar down in the Status Bar, so my routine nowadays is: See that a new V is available in repo, close V, backup Default, do the update, reapply the bash script mod to move the Extensions Bar, launch V. In other words, at no point had i seen this new V running before applying that mod, so i cannot vouch for the presence or not of those two "new" icons post-update but pre-mod.

    Do all extensions show that have no action button?

    Yes i think you are right regarding AutoScroll & your extension, but afaik the Vanilla Cookies extension sits inside the address field by design [??]. All my other extensions which have specific button functionality are politely now down the bottom, per the mod.

    FYI, re the "top 3", if i left-click them:

    1. VC does this:
    2. Yours does nothing.
    3. AS does nothing.

    If i right-click them:

    1. VC:
    2. Yours:
    3. AS:

  • @sjudenim said in Floating panels – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.16.1226.3:

    is it me or are the extension icons smaller?

    Maybe you got bigger?


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    A small matter of terminology. The usual term is Autohide, not Autoclose. I think it would be better to change the text in Settings before this feature gets to the Final build.

  • @steffie I used to use VCM, the icon in the address field is normal, although I always had it disabled. You can do that on the extension's options page. Showing buttons for extension that have no buttons is a chrome thing – it's babysitting so no harmful extension gets installed and you don't notice. But theses extensions on chrome are normally in the extension container, not in the address field. On macOS this isn't happening at the moment. But I guess you can just hide these with right click.

  • Floating panels are just great but I'd like to see something more in relation with the side panel behavior. If "show panel toggle" is checked in the panels section of the settings, I'd like to have the choice to "auto-open / auto-hide" the side panel in "floating" mode when mouse hovers over the left edge (panel toggle) of the browser. This could be an exact replica of the individual panels behavior as they are now. The standard side panel behavior could be selected when "show panel toggle" is un-checked and the panel is controlled by the button on the status bar.
    One more thing. About the popup window: as it is now it's completely "bland", it's a window without a toolbar, without extensions to use - for example a "filling forms extension" or a "password manager" extension I have installed are not working in the pop up window. The same behavior could be observed in Google Chrome, but take a look at Opera's pop up window - everything works there, with a toolbar and full utilization of extensions, I think the devs could adopt this kind of pop up window functionality.

  • yes please , it is such a pleasure to see that Vivaldi team is actually listening to their Users 💕

  • @derday said:

    it's a known bug, see here

    Cool, thanks.

  • Inspecting the page and using responsive layout feature [ctrl+shift+m] does not work at all.. button toggles but no responsive page layout adjusting view.

    Also if the responsive layout button is enabled.. and browser crashes, then you try open the page inspector on that page, it will constantly crash the entire browser.... have open the inspector on a totally different website, and disable the [ctrl+shift+m] toggle... ... better regression testing ?

  • REGRESSION: Using the --app command line option crashes Vivaldi.
    I haven't tried the last few snapshots but now...

    Open Vivaldi snapshot normally.
    In a separate command line window run vivaldi-snapshot --app=https://mail.google.com
    The app window appears briefly then both the app window and the main window disappear and a core file is generated.

  • OMG!!!! Pinch Zoom is finally working!!! Thank you Vivaldi. Please keep it this way. 😍😍😍

  • Hi, does Panels are not using User Agent Switcher anymore?
    I am not 100% sure but iirc my freenet.de mail account was working with older version of Vivaldi.

    Cheers, mib

  • Is anybody experiencing problems with the mouse gestures?

  • @nutcracker
    yes, probably the known bug VB-41355 since last snapshot

  • Win 10 64, Viv 64

    Having problems with Win 7 scroll bar freezing and buttons not working on some tabs.no problems with FF.

    No problems with this Win 10 machine will try reinstalling from full file later when I have time.

  • Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.16.1226.3 64 bit on Windows 8.1 .

    VB-40335 (Auto hide scripts not working) resolved.

    VB-40333 (Sticky vertical scroll bar) resolved.

    VB-40332 (Bookmark icons fail to display) unresolved.


  • @zaqplm said in Floating panels – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.16.1226.3:

    Pinch Zoom is finally working

    what's that?

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    @gregor It's an action users can do on touch interfaces, like you can do on a smart phone. Pinch to zoom. Put two fingers on the touch-sensitive user interface at the same time and move them closer together or farther apart to zoom in or out.

  • @gwen-dragon: Checked.. no I don't,. logon don't load also some not all.

  • @steffie:
    Ohhhhhhh, so this is what "floating panels" means! I had no idea what that was til i tried it.

    Thats why I LOVE (Ha!!) esoteric names for ckomputer objects they come up with...only they know

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    @dovelove said in Floating panels – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.16.1226.3:

    On some tabs scroll doesn't work at all I cannot go up or down in page

    Which pages?
    Which extensions do you use?


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