A question for the Vivaldi makers

  • Hi, I'm sorry, I have seen that my yesterday question was placed on the wrong place. I hope, here is the right one. I want to put a portion of my [b]content[/b] (photos, PDF's) under a [b]CC license[/b]. Where can I communicate this? Do I need to do this for each individual? greetings from Düsseldorf Beise

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi Beise,

    I think, the best decision - to specify the license for each content individually, for example, in content description (for albums or for each photos, for blog posts, etc.).

  • Hi,
    thanks for answer

  • Hello Shpankov,
    maybe you make the topic Creative Commons public. There are certainly people who are interested in it.


  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks! I guess, we will add this info to FAQ.

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