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    Sooooo, looking at the thumbs of some stacked vertical tabs at the right of my display, I noticed that for all regular tabs, the title is in a bar at the top and the preview below, but within the stack, the title is at the bottom (with an X to close if you want) and the preview above. Now in old Opera 12.xx, I had grown accustomed to all title bars always being at the bottom of a side tab, and it has been a real struggle to re-acclimate myself to the fact that, in Vivaldi, the title bar for side tabs is at the top. And now, within a stack, the previews all have the title bar at the bottom. Could y'all make up your minds? Either help me force my thinking to the reality that title bars are always at the top, (ie preview is below the bar) or revert to the honored tradition of Olde Opera times of having it always at the bottom (ie preview above the bar) but don't make me crazy, with half the time the relative position is one way, and half the time it's the other. My poor neurons won't stand it.

  • Interesting, that's how it's displayed when the tabs are placed absolutely anywhere else on the screen too. I'd never given it thought before reading your post - but I can see how that would get annoying.

  • With respect [given that this is in the "[i]All platforms" forum, i suspect the anomaly you've noted might only be a Windows thing. In my Mint 17.1 x64 KDE Linux Vivaldi, irrespective of tabs at top, RHS or LHS, all tabs' titles display below the thumbnail, irrespective of whether they're single tabs or grouped / stacked tabs. I cannot promise you this but my suspicion is that it's been ever thus, in the Linux x64 version, not only in the current My neurons also don't need additional hoops through which to jump, so i'm quite pleased about this.

    RHS Tabs, Single Tab Thumbnail:

    RHS Tabs, Grouped Tabs Thumbnails:

    PS & off-topic i know – my hitherto default & preferred tab location was at top, but in conducting this little experiment i discovered to my surprise that i quite like the aesthetic & utility of them on the RHS, so that's now become my default. Live & learn!

    PPS - Yay Linux.

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    First, it looks in the first image as though you have the same arrangement I do - titles on top of the single side tab thumbs, and titles on bottom of the stacked tab thumbs.

    Second, I had never tried side tabs on my Lubuntu (because of the itsy-bitsy 4:3 monitor), but I did just now, and the arrangement is exactly the same as on Window 8.1. Titles on top for single tabs, and titles on bottom for stacked tabs.

    Now - are my eyes fooling me, or are your single tabs on the side really showing the title on top?

  • Ah. Erm. Ahem. Gulp. Methinks now we've been at cross-purposes. Given it was your OP not mine, this therefore means that i am at fault. I fear now i had fundamentally misinterpreted your OP. Whoops. Mea culpa.

    I had thought that you were referring to the tab title as visible once pointed at such that its preview appears, hence it was entirely said preview's title at which my previous post was directed. I sense now from your reply, that in fact such was not at all your intention, but instead you meant only the title of the tab itself in the RHS column. I need to brush up on my command of browser terminology / jargon, to avoid further misunderstandings.

    That said, when i peered at the RHS tab column & tried not to be distracted by the previews, i still for the life of me cannot identify a title placement juxtaposition between single tabs vs grouped / stacked tabs. All titles are above the corresponding thumbnail(s). Whilst this is a contradiction of the titles' placements in the previews [[i]below, as i said earlier], it still seems [to me] that purely within the RHS tabs column the placement is consistent, & purely within the previews the placement is consistent… tis just that the previews' placement contradicts the column's placement. Does my ugly clumsy pic help [wherever i've not annotated, that's a single tab, not a group]? Am i still possibly missing your point?


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    "tis just that the previews' placement contradicts the column's placement."

    Yes. That was exactly my point. Tab itself, vs. preview - with the proviso that the preview in a stack of tabs has the same function as the tab title in the tab bar, in that it has an "X" on it to close the tab, which the preview from hovering a single tab does not. So The title bar in a stack preview is analogous to the title bar for a single tab.

    IN TRUTH, the "title bar" for a single tab IS THE TAB, and the tab has a thumb below it. For stacked tabs, the only actual TAB is the title on the bar that reveals the stack when you hover it. Once the stack is revealed, it does not consist of a bunch of tabs with thumbs below them, but rather a bunch of previews with "X"es on their title bars.

    SO - a preview is not a tab, BUT, it can be configured, if the devs wish, in a manner which is consistent with the appearance of tabs, so that when previewing a stack the IMPRESSION is of looking at a collection of tabs ('cuz, you know, they got that "X" there) rather than a collection of previews.

    I get that consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, but it also seems to me that consistency in the look of tabs and previews would not be an evil thing. It was nice in ye olde Opera 12.XX that all side tabs and all previews had the picture on top, and the words on bottom. Consistency wouldn't hurt anything here, I don't think.

    And (I almost hate myself for asking this - you spent a lot of time on that post and that graphic) when you say "tiled" in the graphic above, do you mean "pinned?" Just asking. Please don't hit.

  • " when you say "tiled" in the graphic above, do you mean "pinned?" Just asking. Please don't hit. " –> haha, i'm a pacifist, i don't hit (i do however do a good line in stomping, screaming & sulking). We're actually both correct here, & both incomplete, all at the same time [ah, the joys of primary school Venn diagrams]. I was correct that that group was unique amongst my others, as it was the only one in which tiling was active. You however, eagle-eyed you, were also correct & i omitted stating; those tabs indeed also are pinned.

    Oh this rabbit hole down which i've slipped is dark & twisty. Wonder if soon a set of glowing disembodied smiling teeth will begin appearing & hovering near me…

    Edit: OMZ, i just noticed that with that reply i automagically changed from Junior to Senior [so-called] Member. Zowie, i'd better gulp this coffee i'm drinking so i can refill it with another coffee to celebrate. Or maybe not.

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