Lazy Load for Sessions

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    I want to be able to open a session, but to "lazy load" it.

    That is to say, if the session has many tabs, i just want it to open and load the active tab, and keep the others hibernated until I click them.

    Currently, if a session has many tabs, they are all loaded when the saved session is opened, and this is an annoying experience as the browser has reduced responsiveness as they are all loaded.

    This could be added as a similar option to the "open in new window" option:


    Or in settings, like the startup option:


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    this would solve a problem when you restore a big session, because sometimes when the sessions has many tabs, I prefer delete the "Current Session" file and rename the saved session as "Current Session"

  • This should be a default behavior, same with open a bunch of bookmarks from a folder.

  • @dude99
    Not default at default 🙂 but it should be an option to switch on this behavior as default in Vivaldi Settings for those who have limited hardware resources or just use browser such it is prefered behavior.

    I personaly prefer loading pages at startup because I have powerful hardware and don't want waste my time on waiting pages to load after clicking on them.

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