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  • Greetings Team, I am running Vivaldi on my Windows 7 Home Premium & Windows 7 Professional (both x64) systems. I have chosen to stick with use of the "standalone/portable" installation option on both of them. I have also chosen to use the Windows x32 Vivaldi release version for now. When I launched Vivaldi on both of my systems, the browser picked up the availability of the new snapshot. I allowed it to do the automatic upgrade/installation. When relaunching I noticed it had wiped out all my bookmarks and reset them to the defaults. Not a big loss as I only am using a cloned copy of my bookmarks from my parallel Chromium nightly build browser. I went to my Chromium build, ran the bookmark manager tool and exported my bookmarks again as a HTML file. I then shut it down and launched this new snapshot release of Vivaldi and selected the option to import the file. Each time I tried it it took a very long time (3-5 min) and then ended with a Windows crash window error. Relaunching the Vivaldi browser after recovering the application resulted in what looked to be a clean import of the bookmarks but I couldn't be sure due to the folder nestings. The HTML bookmark file export was just 2.5 MB big (I'm not sure that is big or not), however I haven't had any crash issues with the import process until now with Vivaldi shapshots so I wanted to report it. In the end, what I did to ensure I had all my bookmarks imported over again was to just copy the "Bookmarks" file itself out of my Chromium profile and overwrite/replace the one in my Vivaldi profile. That worked and I had them "imported" good as new. Thank you for Vivaldi. I really believe in what you are doing with this project -- so much so that I couldn't help but join the community so I could begin to engage in the forums. Cheers! --Claus V.

  • Check your HDD and see if the new release has installed itself in a new folder instead. That's what happened to me.

  • @Claus_Valca: Glad you came up with a workaround. But HaaEnn might be right about the folder change.

    Up through v1.0.142.32 the standalone profile folder was named "Profile", and with v1.0.151.7 it was changed to "User Data". So if you were still at v1.0.142.32 or earlier before the v1.0.156.2 update, check for the existence of both folders.

    If you have both folders, you can simply copy the relevant files (Bookmarks, Current Session, Current Tabs, etc.) from Profile\Default to User Data\Default to continue from where you already were (none of the Profile\Default sub-folders are needed).

    Edit: If you like, you can also backup just the relevant files before updating as a safeguard.


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