Text Only Vertical Tab Cycler

  • When using the right click+scroll wheel gesture to use the tab cycler it would be great to have it pop up as just a text list arranged vertically, similar to how Opera12 would do it. It would look a lot cleaner than the current system of horizontal thumbnails, and allow a lot more than just 7 tabs to appear on the screen at a time, making it easier to pick out which one you were looking for.

  • @theomni Almost essential for those who open lots of tabs and use the Tab Cycler. I found a similar request in the archive, but nothing in the current feature requests forum, which is surprising.

    Opera 12.18 also has an option to show thumbnails at the side of the list, like this:

    0_1530160525321_Vertical Tab Cycling List with Thumbnails.png

    On my 1920x1080 portrait monitor, I see only three tabs with Vivaldi when cycling tabs. That is not a problem for me, as I don't often open more than three tabs, but I am sure that it would be for many users.

    0_1530160992205_Vivaldi Tab Cycler.png

  • Snapshot 1.16.1246.7 added the Vertical Tab Cycler list with a thumbnail preview, similar to Opera 12.18.


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