Single-click selection for bookmark sidebar item launch?

  • Greetings Development team! Vivaldi is an awesome project and I am thrilled to now have a Chromium-based browser that has a bookmark sidebar native to the application. I've been a long-time Mozilla Firefox user and have wanted to shift to this platform but the lack of the bookmark sidebar has prevented me from doing so. I love the feature set you are providing! I have this recommendation -- could you change the code for selection of a bookmark sidebar item to launch with a single (rather than double) click? This would not only be consistent with how Mozilla Firefox seems to handle launching of icons/bookmark sidebar items, but when I use Google Chrome/Chromium builds, bookmarks on the bookmark bar also launch with a single click. It's a small thing, but the consistency would be nice. I catch myself clicking a bookmark sidebar icon in Vivaldi and waiting for something to launch..then sheepishly remembering I didn't double-click to launch. Cheers! --Claus V.

  • Hi, Claus_Valca 🙂

    Single-click from the Bookmarks panel has been requested several times and I'm sure it will eventually be available as an option (as will almost anything else that is commonly available in other browsers).

    But keep in mind that for for nearly any option preferred one way by you, there will likely be someone else who wants a different option (e.g., I prefer double-click as it is now, so I can more easily highlight one or more bookmarks to open/move/delete at once (which can admittedly be done by click, hold, & drag on some single-click lists, but not my preferred method) and so I don't keep accidentally opening an unwanted bookmark when I'm simply attempting to highlight it.

    That's what will eventually be one of Vivaldi's greatest strengths: its extreme customizability (probably matching or exceeding Olde Opera).


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