Restart from Menu without Extensions

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    A function to restart from the menu with extensions disabled would be nice.

    This has been a part of Firefox for years and I did in the past used it.

    No, I do not want Vivaldi to be a Firefox clone, but this is one thing I have missed on occasion.
    Especially when tracking down if an issue was extension related. Yeah, I know about disabling
    then one at a time but sometimes I have wanted a bulk disabling.

  • @para-noid Bulk disabling is available from extensions, but yeah, one extension will stay active – the one that disables the others ^^

  • And why not having this function allowing the user to choose between "restart the browser" or "restart with extension disabled"?

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    @ornorm That's the implied feature request.

  • @para-noid Thank you for confirming this. It wasn't that clear for me because of the title and the sentence "... to restart from the menu with extensions disabled".
    Anyway, I'm glad we're on the same page.

  • A note about the request:
    the feature should also remember what was on and what was off.
    I've several extensions enabled and disabled and the feature shouldn't mess with their previous status, enabling all of them.
    (Pretty sure was implied, but just to be sure...)

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