Problems with proxy and EV certificates

  • Sorry in advance for the long post but this issue needs some explaining...

    I'm using Windows 10 Pro and have a proxy server running in the network. In order to use it I start Vivaldi with the "--proxy-server" parameter. When trying to access https web sites with EV certificates a check is done to see if the certificate is revoked. Problem is that Vivaldi or better the underlying Chromium ignores the "--proxy-server" parameter for this and instead relies on the Windows Crypto API to do the check. That would be ok if it was still working in Windows 10...

    There is a bug report at that describes the problem but the Chromium developers refuse to fix the issue because it is (not) working as intended.

    I set a system proxy with "netsh winhttp set proxy" command which is supposed to be used by the Crypto API but it isn't used anymore in Windows 10. The only way to make the Crypto API use my proxy is to:
    a) set a user proxy which I don't want for various reasons
    b) make Chromium tell the Crypto API to use the proxy it was given by the "--proxy-server" parameter which the Chromium developers refuse to do

    Now I'm stuck with two bugs:

    • the "--proxy-server" parameter isn't properly implemented in Chromium
    • Microsoft broke the Crypto API somewhere between Windows 7 and Windows 10

    More and more sites are using https and EV certificates so this issue gets more and more annoying because the pages just won't load properly. Vivaldi is among them btw. I really like Vivaldi but if that issue isn't solved I will be forced to look for another browser that is not Chromium based. It will be a short list... 😉

    Do Vivaldi developers fix Chromium bugs too?
    Can Vivaldi report Windows bugs to Microsoft (unfortunately Microsoft doesn't offer any way to do so for a normal user like me).
    Did anyone ran into the same issue and has a workaround for me? (no, I don't mean the user specific proxy settings...)

  • You can close this topic unless someone else is interested in it. I installed Windows 7 again because I was fed up with this and other issues/bugs in Windows 10. On Windows 7 Vivaldi/Chromium is working fine as it should be.

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