Auto-Form Fill

  • I much appreciated this feature which was a very well functioning convenience with Opera 12. Might this also be built into the new Vivaldi at some point? Thanks.

  • This feature has already been implemented - I don't remember a version when it wasn't. Assuming that you're using the latest technical preview, try updating to the most recent Vivaldi snapshot from the developers' blog.

  • What? There's auto form fill where you can predetermine what values will go in what types of blanks? Like old Opera Wand? Where?

  • No, not anywhere near that standard of quality or behavior - but the auto-fill works whenever you tell Vivaldi to store a username/password combination for a website. Whenever you sign out of that website and return to it, Vivaldi automatically fills out the forms with the information it has stored.

    Edit: Although, you can edit your stored passwords by going to this page vivaldi://chrome/settings/passwords

  • This was my understanding as well.

  • vivaldi://chrome/settings/autofill ? ;)

  • @Christoph142:

    vivaldi://chrome/settings/autofill ? ;)

    Interesting window. Perhaps it deserves its own shortcut. HOWEVER - it only creates an option to save or add a particular form element AFTER you have first included that element on a web form. So perhaps Vivaldi could a) provide a standard "Settings" shortcut to it and b) revise it for Vivaldi users so that you can fill in any value any time you want, not have to wait until the engine creates an option, in response to the fact that one has already entered this data on a web form. Just a thought.

  • Thanks for all your inputs. Thomas.

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