Advanced Panels Mod (with Sessions Panel)

  • @LonM Thanks a lot for your Mod which is a great addition to Vivaldi's panels.

    There is, however, one problem with a certain panel configuration:
    I've set panels in Vivaldi as floating and to automatically close when inactive (that's the most convenient setting for my workflow). With those settings in effect, I can open and use the sessions panel only once. The first click on the sessions button opens the page so I can use it, however any further click on the button opens the panel but immediately closes it again.

    Maybe you have an idea how this could be fixed?

  • @knoelli I can imagine why that bug is happening. It shouldn't be too difficult to fix when I get back from my new year break.

  • @LonM That sounds great, probably (hopefully) really just a small problem. In any case no need to hurry, enjoy your new year break and have a wonderful time πŸ˜‰

  • @knoelli I've made a change which should fix this issue.

  • @LonM Thanks a lot for having a look at this. πŸ‘

    Unfortunately the fix doesn't seem to change the behaviour in this regard. When clicking the sessions button the panel still slides in and immediately closes again (except for the first click on the button after a Vivaldi restart).

  • @knoelli Ah, it seems I misunderstood the issue you were having and fixed a different bug I was seeing.

    I understand now what the problem is, though this one will require a bit more investigation to find a solution.

    I need to figure out what Vivaldi does to detect when a web panel is no longer in focus.

  • @LonM For recently arrived Vivaldi noobs I'd suggest adding this important bit at the top:

    The mod requires that you first add your own web panel manually, with a URL set to vivaldi://sessions

    Thanks for sharing, great Mod πŸ™‚

  • @LonM After having read @brasofilo's comment, I tried adding another panel with vivaldi://sessions manually (which results in two sessions buttons). I thought that maybe a manually added button would behave different, but unfortunately that's not the case, the problem persists.

    The only remarkable thing is that the correct first opening of the sessions panel after Vivaldi restart works separately for both buttons (so I can open the panel twice, once with each button).

    I think that maybe after the initial opening of the panel, the DOM is changed and the panel does no longer have the required class for Vivaldi to recognise it as panel?!

  • @knoelli the panel is still recognised and works, however for some reason Vivaldi doesn't think it is "open" or "focused". Therefore, cause the panel is set to auto close, it auto closes.

    I can't yet figure out what is different about the very first time that it is opened. Clearly in that case, Vivaldi forces it to be focused, which works until the next time it is opened.

  • @knoelli Perhaps you could help me test something.

    If you open up the advancedPanels.css file, and delete from line 10 the following:

    .panel[advancedpanel="true"] .webpanel-content,

    Remembering to delete the trailing comma as well, and then restart vivaldi.

    Does that fix the issue?

  • @LonM I've been having the same issue as @knoelli so I just tested your fix and it seems to work fine now.

  • @LonM Like @Narsis wrote above, the change to the css file does indeed work and the (sessions-)panel remains open.

    Edit: I just updated to the latest Vivaldi snapshot; in this version the modification from above still works but now the sessions panel does no longer close when focusing (clicking) outside of the panel, the only way to close it is now by pressing the button with the three horizontal lines. This is no big problem and I can perfectly live with it, just thought I add this here... Seems to be a general problem with panels in the latest snapshot as can be read on the team blog.

  • I've updated the main post with the fix. Thanks all who helped test it πŸ’Œ


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