For everyone who types. IME explained.

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    We often mention IME fixes in the changelog of our Snapshot blog. How much do you know about IME, its issues and how they are related to the browser? Here we have some answers.

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    Good Article. I knew that IMEs acted differently but before now I hadn't stopped to consider how much work would be required in applications to support it properly.

    Just thinking of android, I can recall a few applications I've used that had bugs which must have been to do with IME support. You type something and then both the word and the character typed gets inserted.

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    Here is an article on a bug in Medium, that is (somewhat) related to the subject here, but will be very interesting for those who want to know more about those kind of bugs :

  • Interesting to know what IME is for, I have wonder for a few years about how character input is done for non Latin characters.

  • I learned of entirely new [to me, duh] concepts in this article. Thanks for it.

  • @moondawg OMZ, i have been spammed, inside the V forum. Astonishing!

  • @Takaaki
    Come on... This title reads like the silly ads we see all over the net...
    A catch all first sentence: "For everyone who types" means just about everyone, kind of "If you have a computer you will love this game" (yes, I've seen that).
    And then a sentence no one understands, except those who already do not need to read it (I guess). I have no idea what a "IME" is... Should I? Shouldn't an article explaining IME start by telling in one short sentence what it is? I mean, just spell it out. That would be enough, I guess, unless it is also a bad name for whatever it is.

    I am not reading it. My daily time assigned to waste on silly things was used writing this 🙂

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    @rkzn Okay... The title contains "IME Explained" and the article (literally) starts by answering the question "What is IME?" in one short sentence.

    I dunno. I thought it was a good blog post.

  • @xyzzy said in For everyone who types. IME explained.:

    I dunno. I thought it was a good blog post.

    I believe it was a good blog post. I don't know 🙂

    What I said was bad was the forum post announcing it, not the blog post.

    Why should I read about "IME"? That I type does not seem reason enough...

    OK, I will take a look, just that maybe the title here makes some sense.

  • Fine, IME is "Input Method Editor" and clearly it is NOT "for everyone who types".

    Maybe he is right and I am wrong as to the best option, obviously - but I would prefer a informative title, allowing me to decide to read or not, with high likelihood of getting to a useful article. In the long run, I will read articles IF I may choose. If they try that I read them all, I'll read none.

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    @rkzn I personally like articles like this one because it makes you think about human factors and the impact that some UI design decisions can have on users in other parts of the world.

    Recently, there was some discussion about how the "esc" key should work when a text input field (such as the URL and search fields) has text entered, and also whether such a field should (or should not) ever lose focus. As a North American Mac user, I had some very specific opinions on the importance of adhering to platform conventions and what the "correct" behaviour should be. I also knew about IME but never really thought about how they worked and how CJK users actually used them, and how annoying it would be for them if an errant press of the "esc" key caused a text field to lose focus.

    Vivaldi puts a lot of thought into how people all around the world use the browser, how to accommodate different languages, and how to accommodate users with disabilities as much as possible. This article is a reflection of that, and I personally learned some things that broadened my horizons.

  • @rkzn
    Storm, meet Teacup.
    Mountain, meet Molehill.

  • @rkzn I imagine you have a smartphone with a touchscreen... That - if I understand the article correctly - means you DO use IME.

    I think that's also why it's important for Vivaldi... a mobile version is being developed, don't forget.

  • @steffie said in For everyone who types. IME explained.:

    Storm, meet Teacup.

    Yep. Kind of 🙂
    But I made a simple comment on the title of this thread, and everyone comments on how good the blog post is.

    I concede that Takaaki is probably right and I am wrong. I write about one thing (the title not the content) and almost no one gets it, while he writes a title about nothing and everyone loves it.

    People like to be tricked, and they deserve it, because they can't even read, or maybe I can't write. Either way, this is it for now, at this topic 🙂

  • @mossman said in For everyone who types. IME explained.:

    I imagine you have a smartphone with a touchscreen

    I do not (yet). Yes, amazing!

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