New Snapshot ( : Feature polish and tons of bug fixes

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, As each day passes, we close in on the next TP. We are spending lots of time fixing as many issues as possible to make the TP3 as good as it can be. We hope you are as excited as we are. To mention some of the most important changes and fixes, we fixed several issues related to installer/autoupdates. It should no longer cause any of the update/uninstall issues seen in the previous snapshot build. Keyboard shortcuts received several new fixes. It now has ability to restore/delete them in an easier fashion. There are also couple of new keyboard shortcuts in the settings: Tile tab stack vertically: Ctrl + F9 Tile tab stack horizontally: Ctrl + F8 Tile tab stack to gid: Ctrl + F7 Zoom in: 0, + Zoom out: 9, - Improvement on Spatial navigation is ongoing. Hopefully, you find it more usable in this build with the recent bug fixes and algorithm optimisations. For those of you on Mac, we've done some work for the main menu. Vivaldi now controls it from JavaScript and displays all the menu items which were previously not accessible in the main menu. We appreciate all the feedback and comments we get on these snapshot, and could not have come this far without them. Thank you! //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies

  • The new build starts much faster now 🙂
    Mouse gestures still broken though..

  • I'm so grateful to the Devs for providing us this already-marvellous browser, which is getting better & better with every [frequent] Snapshot. Thanks & Yay!! Whilst my was downloading from the repository, i copied my current Snapshot's Default folder into my TP2's equivalent [as a backup in case the new Snapshot happened to eat all my sessions, tabs, bookmarks etc … it didn't btw] then launched TP2 to verify it'd worked. As it's [comparatively] a long time since i last needed to launch TP2 i'd forgotten how buggy & crashy it was … & thus by contrast how very far V has progressed since, care of all the SNs. Marvellous. 🙂

    "vivaldi://chrome/settings/fonts" –> I just wanted to check if other Linux users have the same behaviour here (I expect yes, but would like to positively eliminate it being something wrong with my own installation or setup). Whilst i can select my preferred fonts in the different categories, as per in Chromium & Opera Dev, i cannot actually adjust the font sizes, because the little horizontal sliders are missing. Hence i'm stuck with the default 16-point size, which is bigger than i like.

    Mint 17.1 x64 KDE Ed.

  • @Steffie:

    "vivaldi://chrome/settings/fonts" … horizontal sliders are missing

    FWIW, I don't see any sliders in 32-bit v1.0.156.2 on 32-bit Win7 either. Don't know if they were ever there in any earlier version, as I had never looked.


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