New Snapshot ( : Feature polish and tons of bug fixes.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, As each day passes, we close in on the next TP. We are spending lots of time fixing as many issues as possible to make the TP3 as good as it can be. We hope you are as excited as we are. To mention some of the most important changes and fixes, we fixed several issues related to installer/autoupdates. It should no longer cause any of the update/uninstall issues seen in the previous snapshot build. Keyboard shortcuts received several new fixes. It now has ability to restore/delete them in an easier fashion. There are also couple of new keyboard shortcuts in the settings: Tile tab stack vertically: Ctrl + F9 Tile tab stack horizontally: Ctrl + F8 Tile tab stack to gid: Ctrl + F7 Zoom in: 0, + Zoom out: 9, - Improvement on Spatial navigation is ongoing. Hopefully, you find it more usable in this build with the recent bug fixes and algorithm optimizations. For those of you on Mac, we've done some work for the main menu. Vivaldi now controls it from JavaScript and displays all the menu items which were previously not accessible in the main menu. We appreciate all the feedback and comments we get on these snapshot, and could not have come this far without them. Thank you! //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies

  • Please give my thanks to the team.

  • I installed 151.7 tonight and it prompted me to get 156.2, so I did. So far, it seems much faster loading pages, and there's less grinding and groaning than there was with the technical preview (118.19) I've been using for a week or so. (Lenovo desktop, Windows 8.1, 8 G RAM.)

    118.19 seemed to slow down quite a bit when I imported about 1,200 bookmarks. My impression is that 156.2 has much less trouble loading all those bookmarks. (I know that's a lot of bookmarks. But I'm a freelance writer and I do a lot of research from home.)

    One thing I really like: I play online chess on a site called, and in Firefox the analysis boards (spare boards we use to go through possible variations) loaded in a new, small window. Vivaldi treats the analysis boards as full-screen tabs in the same window, which makes them much easier to flip through! So thank you for that. Now I can make bad moves at three times the speed.

  • Well TP still need a lot of polish.

    One thing which I was very happy [like :woohoo: ] is Save as… in the dialog box. Unfortunately it's quite pointless Save as... because it doesn't remember previously saved directory. After first downloaded file, when I click another it starts in default download dir, and you need to browse once more where to save it, and once more after that.... It's horribly counterproductive as I never use default directory (in ANY browser). For now V inability to remember previous directory used to save something (either via right click or Save as box) keeps me away from everyday use.

    Auto-update function doesn't work for me either (Win 64b version), but that's OK as I never auto-update most of software.

    But it's not all "doom & gloom". It's first step and waiting for Download function reaching flexibility of old Opera. For now at least Liqui Moly search looks good. Using it everyday and V so far was out because web page was total mess. But with new TP frames finally appear where they should and I don't need 12K screen to browse. 😃

  • Page title now shows in tab, but very often background tab just hangs with progress bar visible, until i click on tab and then it shows name and progress bar disapears because page was already loaded, but name and progress bar not updated, something not triggering finish of page load on background tab.

  • The upgrade installed itself into c:-Program-Vivaldi instead of C:-Program files(x86)-Vivaldi.

    Tried upgrade a couple of times. Same result.

  • @HaaEnn:

    The new snapshot installed itself in c:/Program instead of Program files(x86)/Vivaldi. So the upgrade didn't work.

    Yes, some installation paths got goofed up in the installer.

    You can locate your User Data\Default profile folder and copy or move it to replace the same folder new installation. I don't know the typical path on a standard installation as I use standalone installations, but its probably in %localappdata% (probably C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default).

    (You can probably just overwrite the new Default folder with the old one unless you've already used the new one a bunch and it has settings, etc you might want to keep. If so, you could just rename the new one to save it, then copy/move the old one to the new installation.)

  • Again empty build.

    Make extensions - so that people can put Vivaldi, browse default!
    Then you can nag as many small features!

  • Funny how some core features seem to get broken with most of these updates, this time I found that if I try to save images it doesn't ask me where I want to save them to (no matter what download settings I use), it just always puts it in the default folder. Oh well, maybe one day, these are snapshots after all. 🙂

    Many mouse gestures still don't work (down, right for tab close for example) still don't work, but I noticed the "down, up on a link" to open a link in a background tab working in this snapshot, where it didn't work last time, so some additions have come in. Changing the keyboard shortcuts actually seem to save as well, though whether they work or not can be a bit flaky. 🙂

  • Win x64

    1. still problems with "hanging" tab content - websites in all tabs are working ok => new tab => tab content hangs after start of loading…

    2. mega lagging comboboxes inside HTML forms (waiting for popup about 30 sec)
      Lags with file upload buttons too
      There was similar behaviour problem with "search engines" combobox in first version of Vivaldi

  • "Check for updates" still doesn't work for me. I get, "Update Error! Cannot retrieve update information, Check your internet connection and try again later".. I'm using Windows Vista.

  • Start up with a decent sized session (~30 tabs spread between two windows) is very slow and works a bit oddly, for example I have two tabs for video playlists I'm working through, one is YouTube with the HTML5 player, one is a Flash player on another site. When I start Vivaldi, I can hear both of these videos start in the background (sounds from the videos are playing) before the program manages to even show a single window frame. Also usually one frame loads before the other one does, and stays solid white for about half a minute before showing the contents, after which the second window follows (usually the first window shown is the one without the video tabs, but they're loaded regardless).

    I've been trying both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions, Win 8.1, 16 GB of ram, mildly OC'd i7.


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