Finer Increments for Zoom

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    Both Webpage Zoom and UI Zoom can be set in increments of 5% in settings, but the controls on the Status Bar and the Zoom shortcuts only zoom in increments of 10%

    It makes no difference if one uses the Buttons or the Slider

    Although one can enter any value in the Status Bar, it would be better to allow 5% increments by default, just like in settings.

    0_1528967019080_Web Page Zoom Controls.png

  • I could imagine to have a different way to handle clicks on the zoom in the status bar. Using click on the zoom bar is for me the most apparent way to zoom in a little bit (except Ctrl + MouseWheel, but when my mouse is not here...), but a click on the bar will take you to the amount of zoom that's at that point on the bar, resulting in for example 320x at once. I'd imagine most people would like a click anywhere on the bar to take them 5-10% up or down. This would make it easier to zoom in a controllable amount in a couple of clicks. Did that make sense?

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    @ungern Zooming by 10% increments is easy if you Use Buttons in Range Controls (Settings, Appearance).

    0_1528983976157_Use Buttons in Range Control.png

    The slider is easier if you want to zoom in large steps, whether by clicking or dragging.

    0_1528984033860_Use Slider in Range Controls.png

  • @pesala I quite enjoy the bigger area to casually click on when zooming with the mouse, but thanks for the tip.

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    Change UI zoom interval command to 25% VB-44630

    The latest Snapshot just made matters worse. The 10% increment is still available using the control in Settings, but the shortcut keys now zoom in/out by 25%

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit build 17134.320 • Snapshot 2.1.1332.4 (64-bit)

  • @pesala A 2nd slider to select the zoom step would be the perfect solution for everyone.

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    @ian-coog Not for me it wouldn't, and it adds greater complexity than is justifiable. I use Buttons in range controls because a slider is harder to control.

    We really don't need larger increments for either setting.

    If you use buttons in range controls, you can click the zoom setting to enter any number if you want to zoom by a large increment.

    0_1539367682162_User Interface Zoom.png

    0_1539367731183_Webpage Zoom.png

    If you're trying to fit one more column of speed dials on the start page or one more folder on the Bookmarks Bar, fine control is what is needed. If 100% is not quite large enough to read the menus, you probably don't need 125% or 150%.

  • @pesala A Slider or buttons of course, it should be changing with the "use buttons in range controls" like the other UI Zoom slider is doing now.
    Once set to 5% or 25% in settings, there will be no need to change it again, so everyone can use the step they want. As it is now it only makes happy those wanting the 25% step (no idea where it came from), and who was ok with 5 or 10% step now are complaining.

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    @ian-coog The default in Opera 12.18 was 10%, but it was configurable. A step of 5% is a happy compromise. The thing with large steps is that small steps are then not possible. With smaller steps, one can use the command twice, or as often as needed. Holding down Ctrl+Plus or repeating it a few times is not hard for a setting that is usually "Set it and forget it."

    0_1539368449444_Zoom in Opera 12.18.png

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    This bug is fixed in the latest snapshot, and the Quick Commands for Zoom UI and Webpage Zoom go some way to resolving this issue.

    I still think a smaller zoom increment of 5% is better.

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