Collective thread for CSS bugs

  • [b]Due to the complex structure of the used platform, there are several "stupidities" in the CSS that came with it. Some of them may lead a broken design if the content of those parts changes etc. If you find such bugs, please post them here in this thread so that all of them are in one place.[/b] [b]Description[/b] If someone uses UL LI in his blog to make a unordered list and a visitor uses the little (+) sign to increase the font size, the list entries will overlap. [b]Example [/b] Increase the font size and look at the unordered list in the text. [b]Reason[/b] Hard coded line-heights. [b]default.css:655[/b] [code] li { line-height: 18px }[/code] This overwrites the sensible value of 1.4 that is set for the line-height of the normal blog text in template.css:59 [b]Solution[/b] Set line-height for LI elements 1.4 too which is near enough to the theoretical value of 1.3846fooo for the base font size of 13px. That would result in a line-height of 18px as before, scale without problems and would not not break the existing layout in its default view.

  • It looks like some of the background colors here on the forums are specified only in rgba, without a regular rgb fallback. That means it fails in e.g. Netsurf and IE8. Preferably all stylesheets should be examined for strings like rgba and hsla to see if the problem occurs in any other locations. CSS Lint works to signal the presence of these and similar errors, although I'd treat at least some of the things it suggests with a grain of salt. Also, in this case it doesn't look like there's actually any use for the alpha transparency at all: it's all just steady colors.

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