Easier way to Reopen Closed Window from Trashcan

  • Currently we have to go to Trash button > Window with X tabs > scroll all the way down to click Restore all at the end of the sub-submenu. This is too slow & counter-intuitive, especially when there are a long list of tabs in the closed window.

    I suggest to simply left-click on the Window with X tabs to restore the closed window.


    Move the Restore all entry to the top of the sub-submenu. This will be just as good as 1st suggestion.


  • A workaround for the meantime: Press ctrl-down when in submenu ā€“ this will bring you to the end of the menu.

  • If I open a window with one tab, there is no way to know that it's a separate window in the Closed Tab list.

  • @luetage Thanks for the tips.
    I hope they will fix this oversight asap, because even with the shortcut it still kinda cumbersome.

    @ Pesala Yep. I notice it awhile ago, it's a weird decision to do so.


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