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  • Hello, I think Vivaldi is an awesome browser and what's even more awesome is the mentality behind the browser - I love it. But what I don't love so much is something that has actually kept me using google chrome the last several years (all the while hopefully waiting for Vivaldi to release this feature). Now I would feel equally foolish and happy if this feature actually does exist, but as far as I know when bookmarking, you cannot select what folder to bookmark to. You must take three steps, (1) bookmark, (2) open up one of the options for managing bookmarks, (3) drag the bookmark to the folder you wanted to save it to in the first place. Google Chrome's popup bookmark browser for selecting your bookmark destination is absolute gold, I don't think it can get better than that, so I would suggest it be pretty much the same. To be clear on the specifications: when a user bookmarks a page (or group of pages), a popup shows up that is itself a mini bookmark manager (or just bookmark browser with no managing capabilities would be fine as managing other bookmarks is unrelated to the original user task anyway) where you can select where your bookmark will be saved to. Having an extraordinarily common user task (i.e. bookmarking with destination in mind) taking 3 steps instead of 1 seamless step is what has kept me from using this browser for years which is such a shame because barring that one small (but enormously important) feature, Vivaldi obliterates google chrome and all other browsers - it wouldn't even be a competition. But that feature for me (and I would assume for almost everyone that uses browsers? But admittedly I often have great misconceptions of others) is an absolute must.

    Did I miss the release of this feature? If not, can I expect it to come out?

    P.s. I'm just trying to give an honest user's opinion here and hopefully it will lead to some more traction for Vivaldi and the ultimate browsing experience for me 🙂 Again, I love the mission here. Thank you for what you're all doing!

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    @monroest This is already possible with Vivaldi.

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    @monroest You will happy to learn that you can already choose the folder when adding a bookmark, so I have moved your thread from the Feature Requests forum

    • Using the Bookmarks dialogue: As in the screenshot provided by @MasterLeo29 It is quicker to select the folder using the keyboard by typing the first letter of the folder. If there are several folders beginning with the same letter, just keep pressing it until focus cycles to the desired folder
    • Using the Bookmarks Bar Expand the folder tree on the Bookmarks Bar and select **Add Active Tab""
    • Using the Bookmarks Menu As above
    • Using the Bookmarks Panel Drag and drop the bookmark into the desired folder and into the desired position in the folder.

    0_1528880435375_Add Bookmark.png

  • Thank you for pointing that out. It's been a while since I've tried the browser but now I do remember this feature. I forgot that my problem with this is that there is no mechanism for expanding/collapsing folders (that I can see) so it is essentially unusable, and I actually prefer the 3 step process over it (which as I mentioned I prefer google chrome over that). Are there folder collapsing/expanding buttons I am not seeing or is this not a feature?

    My mistake though, I may need to create a new feature request. Thanks for helping clarify this for me.

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    @monroest By "expanding/collapsing", do you mean that you wish to see only the "first level" folders with the option to expand one of them to see the sub-levels ?

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    @monroest said in Select Bookmark Destination When Bookmarking:

    I may need to create a new feature request.

    There is no need for another thread. Drag and drop into a bookmarks bar subfolder is not yet supported. There are many requests going back to the introduction of the Bookmarks Bar, but it takes a lot of work to implement the full context menu and other features on the Bookmarks Bar and Menu.

    There are no icons on the Bookmarks Bar root folders, you just click them to expand them (not while dragging). Expand the desired subfolder, then add the active tab.

    0_1528880837686_Bookmarks Bar Folders.png

    Adding a link or an image link can only be done with Drag and Drop using the Bookmarks Panel, or by right-click, bookmark link.

  • @masterleo29 yes, precisely. And then to only see the next level of folders within that and so on and so forth.

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    @monroest I suggest you to try out web panels' bookmark manager


    Edit: You can access it by (for example) pressing 'F4'. You may also show/hide it with the toggle button on the status bar or even enable an option to show a toggle on the left/right side

  • @pesala Thank you for pointing this out, as I mentioned it's been a while since I've used this so I forgot about this feature but now I do recall it. And firstly this is much much better than bookmark button (right side of the address bar) that does not have collapsible/expandable folders in the popup. My only issue with this method, but as I think about it I think I'm just being nit-picky and perhaps just conditioned by google chrome, but I really do prefer the process going: I send a bookmark command either via click or keyboard shortcut then a bookmark browser pops up where I can navigate folders by collapsing/expanding and select my destination all via clicks.
    Whereas this process is reverse. I click to open a list of top level folders, then need to drag my cursor (I don't have a mouse so this is why it's a problem, I am using my laptop trackpad most of the time) to the next folder, then again to the next and so on until I arrive at my destination, then I add it.

    Again this process is much better because by nature the folders are all collapsed to start, but to expand them I have to drag my mouse instead of a simple click. Again I probably sound really nit-picky haha, but using a trackpad I much prefer google chrome's popup than this process. Does that make sense?

  • @masterleo29 if the bookmark panel could be leveraged for the bookmarking process that would be great. I.e. if I bookmark a page and then the panel automatically popped out asking where I want to place it, that would be perfect! But this panel currently is only for after the fact management right? I.e. there is no way to integrate it into the bookmarking process, it is just simply there to move bookmarks that have already been bookmarked, right?

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    @monroest You can open the bookmark panel, select the folder you like, open the context menu (right click) and press "Bookmark active page" and done: you current page is bookmarked directly to the selected folder

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    I don't know why so many people insist on doing things the hard way (with a trackpad is even worse than a mouse). Everything can be done with just the keyboard.

    0_1528882102061_Bookmark with Keyboard.png

    • Ctrl+D
    • Type new name "Adding Bookmarks"
    • Tab, Tab
    • V for Vivaldi Folder
    • Tab and type optional description
    • Tab and type optional nickname
    • Tab, Enter to save

    Or simple Ctrl D, Enter to save directly in the last used bookmarks folder.

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    @pesala The idea here is trying to get the best solution for @monroest workflow, not the best solution overall. (One of the reasons why Vivaldi is great. It's flexible).
    Imagine that he/she has so many folders in is bookmarks, multiple of them that start with the same letter(s), it might be hard using you suggestion. (Good sugestion nonetheless. I use that way myself most of the times)

  • @pesala That is what I was saying is that trackpad is much worse than mouse. And yes I much prefer keyboard shortcuts (another reason I do think vivaldi is amazing, because not only it has them but it has lots of customization of them).

    For the 4th step "V for Vivaldi Folder" I was not able to get anything to happen by pressing 'V'. Did I misinterpret the step? Also I do not wish to save to the last folder I want to specify exactly where.

    @masterleo29 Okay this third way of performing this task I was not aware of. It's pretty similar to the method Pesala mentioned but I think I would prefer this method the most because even if I get several folders deep it takes up a smaller area of the screen so a little less mouse movement. I guess I'll have to get used to one of these methods, it still just feels clunkier and certainly less intuitive than bookmarking and then selecting a destination but it does seem to work decently well. Thank you @MasterLeo29 and @Pesala very much for your patient assistance.

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    @masterleo29 Drag and Drop to Bookmarks Panel is already fully implemented.

    • F6 is the default shortcut to open the bookmarks panel
    • Then drag and drop from the URL field to the desired folder, hovering over the right-pointing triangle to expand each folder/subfolder. Rather slow and awkward using a trackpad I suspect. (See Remove Expand/Collapse Folder Triangles to make this process a lot easier.).
    • Drop the bookmark into the desired position.
    • Click the title to rename, etc.

    Still a lot easier via Ctrl D, Add bookmark.

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    @monroest said in Select Bookmark Destination When Bookmarking:

    For the 4th step "V for Vivaldi Folder" I was not able to get anything to happen by pressing 'V'. Did I misinterpret the step?

    Perhaps you have no folders beginning with "V" ? Whichever folder you wish to use, type its first letter. If it finds another folder first, press it again. It's unlikely that you will have dozens of folders all beginning with the same letter.

    There is a high probability that one will want to bookmark several links at once into the same folder, then Ctrl+D, Enter is very fast. Even Ctrl+D, Rename, Enter is not too slow; or Ctrl+D, Rename, Search, Enter.

    When you browse as much as I do, keyboard shortcuts and access keys — which are very useful on the Bookmarks Menu (Alt B, B, etc.) — are far quicker than faffing with a mouse pointer.

  • @pesala Okay this is another very interesting way of bookmarking, that's really cool. Yeah with trackpad not so great, but with a mouse it wouldn't be bad and it's very visual and intuitive which is nice.

    What would be just right for me is if when I press Ctrl + D and that popup shows up if those folders could be collapsible/expandable just like they are in the bookmark panel, that would be 100% perfect.

    What I like about that is, the order of tasks mimics the way I think about the task in my head, i.e. I think to myself, "I want to bookmark this" so I hit ctrl + d, and then I decide where I want to save it. It's awkward to me to do the process backwards. Obviously it's a very small thing but starting with Ctrl + D is the most natural way for me, the problem is that once I take that route I am presented with a very, very long list of bookmark folders and it's nearly impossible to make sense of the structure, granted I probably have significantly more folders than most users as I easily have over a hundred folders.

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    @monroest You're welcome.
    By the way, for the 4th step: first focus the folder dropdown (dont need to expand it). It should get a coloured border if it's focused (depends on your theme). Now you can press the 1st letter of your desired folder. If you have multiple folders that start with the same letter, keep pressing


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