Install APNG Plugin for Animated PNG support

  • @ An_dz & Pesala:

    I was going to post this yesterday, but hadn't (and still haven't) figured it out enough to be repeatable. But since you're both working on it, I'll mention it in case it might help:

    There is definitely something funky going on with downloading Pesala's search1.png, search1-2.png, and search1-3.png files from this page. I have downloaded each of the images from within 32-bit Vivaldi v1.0.151.7 numerous times and hashed the files. Sometimes the download is the 1,824 byte frameless (non-animated) PNG, and sometimes it is the 93,444 byte animated PNG with the following md5 and sha1 hashes. Every download is identical to one of these, regardless of Pesala's name/upload.

    93,444 byte animated PNG
    md5 057e646de144a65d41c9b9b47ccf43bb
    sha1 84bbee431e8f489519a105ad022ed06f542fc699

    1,824 byte frameless (non-animated) PNG
    md5 caa913c2b0520484486ad859f865928d
    sha1 f92f0feb2d1a909d5b3e5243cd1bd893bf15a0a3

    Initially, I thought I was being served one or the other based on my download method (right-click Save link as, right-click Save image as, Open image in new tab and save from there, etc.), but that doesn't seem to be the case (or maybe I've gotten to confused to keep track of it :P), and as far as I can recall, I've gotten each image (1,824 byte and 93,444 byte) from each download method.

    One other oddity: sometimes the right-click context menu for an image offers both "Save link as" and "Save image as", but other times the "Save image as" (and "Copy image" and "Reload image") is grayed out. Again, I initially thought this might be related to which file (1,824 byte or 93,444 byte) was involved, but it seems I dismissed that at some point (I'm not so sure about this one as I've definitely gotten too confused to keep this one straight :P)

    It seems likely to me that this same quirky phenomenon is somehow involved in the display of that image (regardless off Pesala name/upload); i.e., Vivaldi sometimes displaying one and sometimes the other.

    BTW, I had just finished drafting the above when I realized Pesala's last upload was search1-4.png. I'm using 32-bit Vivaldi v1.0.156.2 right now, and have only been able to download the 1,824 byte non-animated version so far (same hashes as 1,824 byte search1.png, search1-2.png, and search1-3.png, but I'm having some other download problems with Vivaldi v1.0.156.2 that I haven't yet figured out, so I'll post back later if I'm able to get the 93,444 byte version of search1-4.png within Vivaldi (I can get it, of course, in Opera 12.17).

  • I think it's the forum software. The image attached to post 24576 is Insert search1-3.png (91KB) which is the animated version of 90 Kbytes.

    The Typography APNG is still animated here.

    I think, if an image is uploaded more than once, the forum software is using a different image to the one that was actually attached.

    I think we can leave this now. It's not a major issue and doesn't seem to be a problem in Vivaldi browser

  • APNG images stopped working again everywhere. As far as I know, the APNG plugin is installed.

    So what changed in TP4 or earlier?

  • I had to install the APNG Plugin again, but animations are working OK in the latest build (

  • It may be time to abandon APNG and look for other solutions.

    That's disappointing, as it's a nice format, but without wider browser support, it's not worth using. Trusty old Opera and Firefox are about the only browsers that can be relied on to display them.

  • Moderator

    Plugin not needed any more.

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