Poll for Kaspersky users: Need of Kaspersky Protection extension in Vivaldi

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    Our dev needs to know how many users use extension Kaspersky Protection and want to get a fix for Vivaldi.

    Please do not discuss about other products here, you can open a own thread; this is not a support thread for issues with Kaspersky Protection extension.
    Moderators may remove posts not related to Kaspersky Protection extension.

    Please upvote this post, so i can get a realistic statistic.

  • Woops! It seems we're just a pair of Kaspersky users having Vivaldi installed. I'm not sure this poll had the visibility it should have had...

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    I find it unusual that a browser like Vivaldi has to adapt to the requirements of an AV because the Kaspersky lords apparently find it below their level. It is a disdain to the user that I have not seen before.

  • @catweazle I fully agree with you. I share your feeling. It is indeed what I thought when I received the response of Kaspersky Support about this issue (and they even dared to send me a satisfaction survey afterwards... grrrrrr)

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    @ornorm Due to articles like this one: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/is-kaspersky-safe,news-25983.html Kaspersky might be a little less popular in the West that would otherwise be the case.

  • i have it disabled i think it is useless if you have other good ad blockers extensions

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    @urfausto said in Poll for Kaspersky users: Need of Kaspersky Protection extension in Vivaldi:

    i have it disabled i think it is useless if you have other good ad blockers extensions

    Other good and much better

    .... and they even dared to send me a satisfaction survey afterwards... grrrrrr

    I hope you wrote them in detail where they can put their product

  • @catweazle :-))))) yes I did but I did it the polite way.

  • @ayespy Yes, I'm aware of this but, you know, I don't know if I would prefer to be spied by the US or by China or by India or...
    In addition to that, we hear and read more and more rumors about Russia without evidence so, at the end, I don't know where the devil really lies...

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    @ornorm Depends on your definition of "without evidence." I have not been hearing more and more rumors about Russia without evidence - and I follow politics somewhat obsessively. I am in fact listening to political news right now, as I have been all day. I'm sure some people see "no evidence" when the evidence offered is something they refuse to credit.

    Some said there was "no evidence" against Flynn, Papadopoulos, van der Zwann, but then they pled guilty. So some people's evidence is others' "no evidence."

    That said, I would rather not be spied on, and I don't run 3rd party security software, because it presents a broader attack surface than a clean system.

    All that said, I only offered the article (and there are many more like it from many sources) as an explanation why some people, having read such articles, might be more reluctant to install Kaspersky than they might have been, say, five years ago, before such articles began to appear. It was not offered as a reason or justification for doing or not doing something going forward.

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    I do not think Kaspersky is a spyware, although I do not think it is a particularly good AV, in terms of efficiency, according to AV tests, it is not better as the Windows Defender.

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    [modedit] Please do not discuss about Kaspersky is Spyware or similar issues.
    This thread is to check if there is a need to patche Vivaldi for Kaspersky!

  • @gwen-dragon

    I don't think Kaspersky is a spy-ware or anything like that. They got a good Anti-Virus software and an excellent password manager. That did work well with Vivaldi until Kaspersky updated to the latest release of Kaspersky Password Manager 9.01.446 early June 2018.

    This pool is for the Kaspersky Protection. I don't see the need for that. I got a need for the
    the Password Extention.

  • @gwen-dragon Kaspersky and other "security products" are designed to patch up for Windows insecurity, bugs and deficiencies. Microsoft has been around for decades and could have fixed their IPX/SPX NETBIOS history without demanding others to comply. And well when we had to comply, we should speak up clear and demand that NETBIOS must be changed and not patch insecurity into the mainstream TCP/IP.
    I notice that everyone here is Windows users - so the discussion is for Windows with Kaspersky only. You can all end your use of Windows and say use a Windows emulator like "Wine" on Linux (Mint / Ubuntu and more). I use ClawAV on my Mac, so that a virus should not be passed on.
    What remains then is a "Password Manager" - a valid request, Vivaldi can detect a textbox for entry of a password and can help out - but other plug-ins exists for Chrome / Chromium.
    Kaspersky used to be fair on network monitoring - verification of addresses but there are on the net comparable tools, but these should be made for the community. Nobody can be trusted to check and verify, by the end of the day, you are responsible. Please identify the core services you need - "Kill lingering sockets instantly" so this can be fixed, not just as a Kaspersky issue.

  • Waiting on that.

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    Now i see by Upvote of post #1 there are very few users who really need Vivaldi be patched for use of Kaspersky Protection extension.
    No need to fix issues with this extension at this time.
    I expected more users of Kaspersky Extension in Vivaldi.

    OK, the Vivaldi devs have to fix more important bugs.

  • I'm a bit late here's the reason I ended up here.

    I came looking to see if someone had already brought up Kaspersky issues. The particular one I was hoping to see was that Kaspersky Password Manager won't accept the master password.

  • @cutshaw Same for me. It is very frustrating since the last update of Kaspersky Password Manager.

  • Most people who use Vivaldi and Kaspersky haven't seen this topic for sure (most of them probably don't even have a Forum account), the forum is a little hard to navigate and I only managed to find this topic when I searched "Kaspersky".
    Just saying this cause is a little unfair this is being pushed back and ignored, even though Kaspersky is to blame in the majorly, this is an issue that has been reported for a year (or more) now.
    Kaspersky Protection not working on Vivaldi is one the reasons to keep me away, so I'm disappointed even though it's not Vivaldi fault.

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    @kobi said in Poll for Kaspersky users: Need of Kaspersky Protection extension in Vivaldi:

    even though Kaspersky is to blame in the majorly

    Likely, but not proved.

    Frequenters of the forum will have seen the Kaspersky topic at some point and, although they are fewer than a tenth of our users, they are still a representative sample. It appears Kaspersky Protection extension is narrowly used on Vivalidi (for logical reasons.) The issue has not been pushed back and ignored. It simply has not been elevated over more prevalent and problematic bugs (of which there are some thousands.) Please don't confuse the lack of elevation with deliberate avoidance.


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