Effective Infinite Popup Spamming Counter-measures

  • We need to upgrade popup blocker to stop infinite popup spamming from malicious website. Yes, there are popup that can't be detect & block, but we can improve the popup blocker detection to kill it after it happened.

    1. Option to limit 1 click per new tab, within 1 second. If multiple tabs spawn from 1 click within a second, then suspend all consecutive open new tab action until user click on webpage again. No user want/expect to open multiple tabs from 1 single click on webpage, this usually are abusive popup spamming behavior.

    2. Forbid new tab open from inactive tab to stop new background popup from spamming even more popup. There is no way human can open link from inactive/background tab.

    3. Forbid newly created tab from spawning new tab without user interaction, & ignore all open tab action within 2 seconds after it's creation. Usually, human doesn't open a new tab & immediately open another tab from it within first 2 seconds.

    4. Auto-close all tab that keep spamming new tab for over a second. Human can't keep opening many tab within a few seconds. It got to be from malicious script.

    5. Option to forbid custom cursor icon for linked element (a:hover) from webpage, & forbid hide URL within status bar. If an element is directing user to another URL, it should show a finger icon to inform user the pointer is hovering over a link, plus display URL of the link. This will prevent malicious website from tricking user click on transparent linked element layered on top of webpage to trigger popup spams.

    6. STOP ALL button/command to stop all tab & window activity. Yes, this is very important when you have to stop everything from going out of control. Stopping tab one by one is too slow & unable to kill infinite popup spamming effectively.

    That's all for now, everyone is welcome to add more idea of how to kill infinite popup spamming. Thanks for your support.

  • You are making a lot of assumptions on what "humans usually do", most of which I'm not able to accept (for me specifically, but neither generally).

    While I concede that some of your points may be worth thinking about,

    • I'm not able to talk about unwanted popups from experience (saw the last unwanted, even less opened-without-interacting popup years ago)
    • I don't like being limited by the browser any more than the next person. Exactly having the opportunity to do what I like as I like is the reason for me not to use some of the better-known browsers.
    • Furthermore, thinking about putting your suggestions into any structure of configurable options seems to become a nightmare of explaining and understanding.

    In my opinion, this is not worth it.

    As almost any user-unwanted action is implemented using JS, maybe think about a JS blocker in combination with finely grained resource blocking. Works wonders, and you get to wonder why the web suddenly turned so quick and responsive...

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