New Tab After Related Tabs

  • I have the setting as


    How exactly is it different from After Active Tab ? If 3 tabs are open in same domain that it will open after the last ? If yes, it doesn't work that way, it is always putting it at end

  • @rojaviv Just tried it out, seems like it's broken. Submit a bugreport.

  • I find this odd...its confused me for several days while I ignored it... So I go all way to the new tab '+' icon and click on it, expecting the tab to appear at the end; instead it adds a tab next to the previously active tab, which I dont really regard as an active tab, as I cudve hit Ctrl+T if I wanted it next to it.
    So I am on a page and want to do something totally unrelated on another site; the last site was the 2nd tab, let's say, I have 15 tabs open and go to the new tab '+' and do something, then go to another tab in the browser, I totally lose track of where I was as I dont remember what V considered the 'active tab' was at the time.
    Dunno if this is related to the OP, I thought it wasn't.

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