Permissions Issue- Discord accessing camera while blocked

  • I was having some issues in getting voice chat to work through their web-interface, and temporarily agreed to the websites request to access the webcam while trying to isolate the issue.

    I later discovered that the issue was due to uBlockOrigin and was able to get voice chat to work correctly.

    I then revoked the permission for discord to access the camera via site permissions (explicitly set to "block" and set the global permission to "block")

    However, every time I activate voice chat, the blue camera icon reappears at the right side of the address bar, and hovering the mouse over it gives the tool-tip "permission-camera".

    I have checked in the site permissions page, and via the padlock icon in the status bar - both still state that the camera is blocked.

    To investigate further, if I reset the mic permissions to "ask" and try to use voice chat, there is

    • a vivaldi pop-up stating that the website is asking for access to the camera and

    • a website pop-up which states it is asking for permission to access the mic and to reload if the browser isn't displaying a mic-permission request (reloading doesn't change anything)

    If I manually set the voice permission back to "allow" and still leave the camera permission as "blocked": the website can access my mic as intended, but the blue camera icon returns.

    I am using a Win10 laptop with an inbuilt webcam but using an external headset with attached mic.

    edit: I've noticed a previous report which indicates that it might be related to bug #VB-18405 but I don't think there is a public bug-tracker is there?

  • @daylor I see that you managed to edit your post. The swam filter is a bit too strict sometimes.

    I moved your question to What's the Status of VB?

  • @Pesala Oh, thanks - I didn't even know that existed!


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