Sand sticks to vlc if launched from Vivaldi downloads

  • Hello,

    When I download a video file and open it from Vivaldi (e.g. double click in Downloads), vlc starts but fails to find necessary video codecs (weirdly it can play the sound).
    When I open the same file normally, not from Vivaldi, vlc plays it fine.

    I assume this has something to do with sandboxing or whatever which corrupts the execution environment for the processes launched by Vivaldi.

    Do you experience the same issue?


  • @smartptr the corrupting factor is very likely the (crude) way Vivaldi injects a modified via its wrapper script for proprietary codecs.

    The most extreme form would be to use the standard packaged version and see VLC fail to play normal media:

    LD_PRELOAD=/opt/vivaldi/lib/ vlc <mediafile>

    Tested with mpv:

    • missing decoders for h264/aac/subrip
    • crash on mp3

  • @becm, you're right, thank you.
    This LD_PRELOAD ffmpeg made the 'VLC could not decode the format "mp4v" (MPEG-4 Video)' trick.

  • I tried to copy the (installed normally from Ubuntu repository) to /opt/vivaldi-snapshot/lib (with name) and even rename this directory, but that didn't have any effect.
    I don't know now how does Vivaldi find and fake this for child processes.

  • @smartptr the library in the <vivaldi>/lib directory is not the problem.
    It is used by Vivaldi only.

    The problem arises if there is a in one of the directories checked by the Vivaldi startup script's checkffmpeg() calls.
    Only then the LD_PRELOAD variable is set.

    This hijacks functions before they can be resolved via regular means.
    In this way VLC (and other applications) are broken, although they do not link against a library.

    It also messes with the shared object lookup, replacing the packaged ($ORIGIN/lib) version.
    Otherwise Vivaldi would no longer work after your copy/rename test!

    My example was to demonstrate the smallest feature set with the highest possibility for codec failure.
    A with proprietary codecs has better (but still incomplete) codec support and thus less failure conditions.

  • Moderator

    DO NOT replace the /opt/vivaldi/lib/! It is needed by Vivaldi!

    If you want to add the proprietary codec from Ubuntu repo you have to copy to ~/.local/vivaldi/lib/ or /opt/vivaldi/

  • Interestingly I have not experienced any issue with renamed /opt/vivaldi-snapshot/lib so far, but I'll eventually test further.
    I don't have anything in .local/vivaldi*/lib by the way. Looks like there's another location from where this library comes (I'll try to debug this deeper).

    Anyway it's good already that we agree that this is not the best behavior for a browser. I assume there is already an issue in the bug tracker which tracks the problem.

    Thank you!

  • Moderator

    @smartptr said in Sand sticks to vlc if launched from Vivaldi downloads:

    in .local/vivaldi*/lib

    I do not know where you got the idea that there may be a different folder for Vivaldi channels. =:(

    Keep care: the are not many local vivaldi lib places used, only one ~/.local/vivaldi/lib/ for all Vivaldi versions.

  • @smartptr again: Not having Vivaldi issues after deleting/renaming is proof a external variant is loaded.
    So far you (only) messed with the default/fallback version.

    If LD_PRELOAD was not set, VLC would have no problems.
    But Vivaldi would no longer find a required library.

  • Moderator

    @smartptr Thanks for pointing to such issue. Can you please report this to our Linux Vivaldi devs so they may investigate?

    Please read How to Report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

  • @gwen-dragon @smartptr I will create the bug report including example and root cause if (both of) you are fine with that?

  • Moderator

    @becm Please do so, it is appreciated for us internal testers and the devs to get as many information as you provide.
    You know you can report fist and then reply to the received mail from bugtracker to add attached fiels or logs?

  • Reported as VB-40870: LD_PRELOAD breaks 3rd party program invocations

    Added suggestion for upstream fix (unlikely) or mitigation.
    Since the (current) chrome has no LD_PRELOAD in its start script this seems to be Vivaldi-specific.

    Something filtered out mail content containing <> for my example to reproduce.
    Hope the original still has it or the intention can still be deducted…
    Or included link to this topic is sufficient (similar to 2nd post).

    @gwen-dragon I seem to recall this problem was already discussed somewhere in the forum.
    But I'm unable to find anyting at the moment…

  • Thank you all for the support in reporting the issue!
    Just for a note, it turned out that the vivaldi-snapshot script found /usr/lib/chromium-browser/ and so the browser was working fine.

  • Moderator

    @smartptr Yes, this is one of the Vivaldi search paths for the libffmpüeg.


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