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    A lot of people are discussing how to avoid tracking of persons across websites. Especially when it comes to like buttons and such stuff. But it can be really easy:

    Create a "cookie jar" by pinning a cookie not just to the domain it comes from (as it happens already), but also by pinning the cookie to the domain of the website that DDE the cross-request and loaded the other content.


    You go to and get a cookie from's server then that cookie is pinned to Now the website also loads some code from and also sets a cookie. Now you pin that cookie to the combination of

    Next time when you go to and it pulls in some code from then the browser finds a cookie from but that cookie is not pinned to the combination but to instead so it is not returned by the browser and sets a new cookie for the combination

    As we now return cookies based on the combination of the main site where they were set and the domain that set them, all we have to do is to not sent referers when they don't belong to the same domain and the whole tracking is dead.

    Problem solved.

    Yes, it would break the functionality of Facebook or WhatsApp's tracking, but I don't care as I don't use them anyway. And the feature could just be made dynamic so that it can be turned on and off and also keep an editable database of domain/cookie-domain combinations to allow certain cookie-domains to work if necessary.



  • @grimeton
    don't you describe the function of third-party-cookies? For me it seems so, and you can already block third-party-cookies

  • Does blocking third-party cookies not already do what you want?

    0_1528868557146_Block Third Party Cookies.png

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