Vivaldi Helper Processes Still Open When Vivaldi is Quit

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    I was poking around in Activity Monitor just a few minutes ago and I noticed that I have a good number of "Vivaldi Helper" processes open. The only problem is that the browser is closed. Is Vivaldi keeping these open in the background on purpose? If so, I don't like that. Here is a screenshot of what I see:


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    Try to deactivate these Vivaldi background processes:
    Open chrome://settings/system
    Disable 'Continue running background apps when Vivaldi is closed'
    Restart Vivaldi

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    @shrinra This should not be happening on macOS; all of my Vivaldi processes terminate immediately when I Quit the application. Are you using a custom launcher to launch Vivaldi (such as @ruario 's "standalone" launcher), trying to run multiple instances of Vivaldi concurrently, or are you simply launching Vivaldi from LaunchPad or from your Applications folder?

    If you're launching Vivaldi conventionally, it's possible that you might have a corrupted Profile or perhaps a problematic extension that's preventing Vivaldi from closing. Another possibility could be a glitch with Sync. It's really hard to say what could be going on without more information about your setup.


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