Favicons in Address Bar load slowly

  • Since I upgraded from 1.14.1077.41 to 1.15.1147.42 the address bar is very slow and sluggish, the reason for this is the loading of the favicons. I have compared the same profile in both versions and in 1.14 they load instantly, in 1.15 you can see how they appear one by one from top to bottom. For about 30 displayed suggesstions it takes 4-8 seconds until all favicons are loaded. This also delays the autocompletion and the re-ordering of the suggestions (after typing more characters) which leads to selectiong the wrong suggesstion.

    I think we can rule out hardware performance since 1.14 works fine (running in parallel to 1.15, both portable versions). The OS is Windows 7 Professional. If you need more info, just tell me.

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    @tomhake1 I confirm that it happens in the Stable version. It is already fixed in the Snapshots and the internal version.

  • Thanks for the quick response and confirmation, I'm looking forward to the next stable release!

  • aftre 5 months still not fixed.. after typing url and hitting Enter key the page isn't loading / browser is not responding until latest favicon in navigation bar (history/suggestion) is loaded..

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    @5ulo URL where this happens please?

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