Disable Auto-refreshing for History

  • Steps to reproduce current behaviour:

    1. Open History manager

    2. Click on the current date in the calendar (left pane)

    3. Then click on some link (except the top one) with right mouse button and select "Open in Background Tab":

    4. The link will be automatically moved to the top of the list. Also, it will lose its focused state:

      And often, it's not what the user wants. Yes, if you just want to open some single link and you know which link you need, you will not face any problems here.

      However, the workflow is quite often different. You don't know what exact link you need. For example, you spent all day on Stack Overflow, searching for different answers and (also) providing help. Then, in the evening, you need to find some Stack Overflow question you already visited, but you have 50 different Stack Overflow links visited today!

      So, you need to open each of these links and check them one by one, manually. And here is where current behaviour of Vivaldi History manager will be a problem. You open some link and it will be automatically moved to the top. And so, you will lose your current position.

      As a workaround, the user can open links in private window, but this has some downsides (and anyway, it looks like some kind of unwanted tricks).

      Solution: Just disable the auto-refreshing for history. Let the user manually press F5 to refresh the page, and don't move any links to the top of the list unless F5 is pressed.

  • Hm. No replies and almost no votes. Is it correct that suggested fix is not really interesting for Vivaldi users?

  • Moderator

    @myvivaldiusername I guess the response to your suggestion speaks for itself. As we cannot read the minds of others, we have to rely on their comments to tell us that they are thinking.

  • Ambassador

    @myvivaldiusername It is way too early to say yet. You only posted this about 20 hours ago.

    Of some 840 Feature Request threads, about 200 of them have one vote or none. Good ideas will usually get noticed, but with so many feature requests it may be years before any particular request gets implemented, even if it has lots of votes.

    The Team is small, and the bugs are many. Feature Requests have to compete for attention with fixing important bugs.

    I don't use the History feature so the topic has no interest for me. You can avoid the order changing by clicking on the column header to sort the visited tabs by Title or Address.

    That won't stop the selection being lost, but it will go some way to working around the problem.

  • Moderator

    This sometimes annoys me when I lost a session and and I remember where are the tabs due the date. Currently, I need to open in background all the tabs I want instead one by one, and sometimes are an amount of them, what makes the browsers a bit slower trying open them at the same time depending the number. Could have an option to prevent the current behavior at least for a minimum time and then the history is updated.

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