Vivaldi Mobile (Android, iOS, etc.)

  • I was wondering if Vivaldi has plans to move to the mobile universe as well. I would really be thrilled with vivaldi on my android tablet. Plus, a lot of the features included in Vivaldi desktop would be uniquely handy on mobile devices. Please! Please! Please, make a mobile version. Thanks, btw beautiful web browser!

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    They have already mentioned mobile is in the works.

  • @Ayespy:

    They have already mentioned mobile is in the works.

    Good luck !!!

  • If I could just get an iOS Beta…

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    If I could just get an iOS Beta…

    In due time. I suspect that (obviously) Android mobile will be the easiest to produce…

  • YES!!!

    I can't wait to be able to sync my bookmarks and history between my phone and laptop. It would make everything easier in browsing between the two!

    I hope Vivaldi Mobile ends up being as smooth and responsive as Chrome for Android is!

  • Of course they want a stable desktop version first - which will also work on Win 10 tablets. No idea how much it'll take to get something to look decent on Windows phones. But I suspect Win10 will be first, for Intel-based devices. Then Android, then iOS.

  • @Ayespy 2 years have passed and still no mobile version. When???

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    @Annerod: Some time after the desktop version is reasonably complete.

  • Sync and Mail would definitely need to be released first, which is sometime this year. But does anyone think we'll at least see Vivaldi on Android in Q4 this year?

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