Geolocation: How it works in Vivaldi

  • How do we completely disable this functionality in Vivaldi? I have no use for this.

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    @pathduck Open chrome://settings/content/location
    Switch to Blocked
    Close settings

  • @gwen-dragon Thanks. But on that page I only have a list of sites already blocked and a toggle for "ask before accessing" which is ON.

    There really should be a setting for just choosing a default of Blocked for all sites, as I have no interest in sites asking for my location. Not that I'm paranoid, I just have no use for the functionality. Like my Android Google Maps constantly asking me to turn on GPS... very annoying.

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    @pathduck said in Geolocation: How it works in Vivaldi:

    a toggle for "ask before accessing" which is ON.

    Then do untoggle it!

  • @gwen-dragon said in Geolocation: How it works in Vivaldi:

    Then do untoggle it!

    OK - but I interpret that as meaning it never asks before accessing location. If "Ask" is Off it would never ask right?

    Oh well, I'm sure it's fine, I don't have a laptop anyway, only use the desktop PC. Just want to avoid having enabled "features" I really don't want.

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    @pathduck The only two settings available, apparently are: Blocked or, Ask First. There is no setting to always allow.

  • @ayespy said in Geolocation: How it works in Vivaldi:

    @pathduck The only two settings available, apparently are: Blocked or, Ask First. There is no setting to always allow.

    The last thing I'd want is Always Allow 🙂

    I've figured out the option now - it toggles between Blocked and Ask. D'oh. Just me not being used to the Chrome dumbed down way of doing things I guess.

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    @pathduck The interface for it is far from intuitive or obvious.

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    @pathduck I see you misinterpreted the toggle.

  • @processing:

    Then it falls back to lookups based on IP addresses. IP lookups can usually pinpoint you to a city level

    Aaaaha, i see, ta for explaining this. My older --naive-- post in this thread snootily said:

    Anyway, it's all irrelevant to me; ... Geolocation will always remain with its default of Disabled / Blocked, on all my devices

    ...& so this morning i had the ignorance of that remark thrust into my face.

    Ever since governments the world over became fascists wrt their attitude to personal privacy, i have been using VPNs, & in phone & computers i keep anything pertaining to Location Services disabled [at least, to the extent a humble end-user who has not rooted her Android phone can, ie, not so much...]. This attitude of course includes my pc Vivaldis.

    A couple of days ago i decided to change my default VPN server connection in my primary pc tower from its erstwhile location geographically proximate to me [ie, in my own country], to one in a small European country [thus the latency is now horrible (which always amazes me, given the Speed of Light, 'n all), but stuff still streams & downloads nearly as fast as before, once the latency lag finishes].

    This morning i was watching some YouTube stuff, & was incensed ... really pissed off... when advertisements kept breaking into my chosen intro to Python coding video. I was annoyed for two reasons:

    1. advertisements kept breaking in [hate hate hate ads]
    2. many many of the ads were in German

    #2 pissed me off not for xenophobic reasons [far from it], but coz i realised that YT must have decided that on balance i was probably a German speaker based on ... what? ... i knew i had Location blocked in Vivaldi. Then i realised of course, the bleeding obvious; it guessed i was German or spoke German because that is one of the national languages of the country hosting my active VPN server, & YT must have worked it out i presume via the current IP address.

    Thus, this event made me feel like an utter galah as i reflected on that stupid naive pompous earlier remark i posted. Instant Karma's gonna get you, Gonna knock you right on the head ... & it did.

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