Best Actor and Actress in International Film - all time - in your appreciation.

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  • Jack Lemmon - Simone Signoret (Franco-German)

  • Jeremy Irons and Jo Van Fleet - Of course, bold. As far as I know, she has never been a major "star" because of her reputation / public repercussions. But as for her performances ... "ça va sans dire". IMO, two movies are enough to justify the claim: "East of Eden" as the segregated mother of the character played by James Dean. Here, the film was titled "Juventude Transviada". Another is "Wild River" ("Rio Violento", here). Fantastic.

  • An interval in relation to humans. Now, I am breaking my intentions once, and giving great performances in films, done by elements of nature.

    As river (rio) is grammatically masculine in my language and mountain (montanha), feminine, I will give in sequence, not one, but 3 better performances for masculine (rivers) and 3 for feminine (mountains).

    1 - The River Cahulawassee (fictitious name, perhaps the real would be Chatooga River)
    Magnificent performance in "Deliverance" ("Amargo Pesadelo"), July 1972, USA, starring among others Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight.

    2 - The River Tenessee
    Very good performance in the film "Wild River" ("Rio Violento"), 1960, USA, directed by Elia Kazan, human cast Montgomery Clift, Jo Van Fleet, among others.

    3 - The River Kwai
    performing masterfully in "Bridge on the River Kwai" ("A Ponte sobre o Rio Kwai"). USA / UK, 1957, 6 Oscars, directed by David Lean, cast among others, Alec Guinness, William Holden. Great, huge as quality.

    As I have yet not found sufficient and approved stuff for mountains, I leave for the next. Ladies, wait me.

  • Sorry, River Phoenix does not fit there. Although the name ...

  • Sir Laurence Olivier - Vanessa Redgrave.

  • Moderator

    Al Pacino - Maryl Streep

  • Susan Sarandon - Sean Penn (Dead Man Walking)

  • Bill Murray - Andie MacDowell (Groundhog Day)

  • Loren Taylor - Jemaine Clement (Eagle vs. Shark)

    A very nice movie from Taika Waititi

  • Marcello Mastroianni (**mainly by "La dolce vita") - Anna Magnani (Magnificent in "The Rose Tattoo")

  • Paulo José
    (mainly by "Todas as mulheres do Mundo" - All the women of world)

    Fernanda Montenegro
    (Brazil's nomination for "Oscar" in all time and categories for "Central do Brasil" - Central do Brasil Railway)

  • Jean‑Louis Trintignant and Anouk Aimée in "Un homme et une femme"

  • Jean-Pierre Bacri and Agnès Jaoui

  • Jean Gabin - Annie Girardot (for many performances, particularly in "Rocco e i suoi fratelli" - Rocco and his brothers)

  • Sir Anthony Hopkins
    (for many stuff, and particularly for me - "Amistad" - 1977 - "84 Charing Cross Road" Nunca te vi, sempre te amei, - "The Remains of the Day" - Vestígios do dia).

    Jodie Foster
    (Also for many stuff. But, for me, personally, "The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane" - A menina do fim da rua).

  • Morgan Freeman - Whoopi Goldberg

  • Camille (Audrey Tautou) - Franck (Guillaume Canet) (Ensemble, c'est tout)

  • @kahukura @Ornorm

    Cinema is the expression of culture probably most striking in my life. I did not reach the silent-movie period, but it was close. Also, in childhood, I watched some silent films, in re-presentations. But, they were very rare. After the appeal of the sound, no one else had the patience for these movies. As I grew older, I was able to watch with true admiration, especially the silent films of Charles Chaplin. "City Lights" was a revelation and to this day it resonates in my heart. Sound and colors signed the death sentence for black and white and mute.

    I was an ardent moviegoer for several years. Most of this past time was through leaving home, going downtown, facing queues, depending on the repercussion of the film, of extensions of several and several meters.

    My greatest nostalgia rests in this time. Then, with the advent of cable TV, movie package subscriptions, I gained in comfort and the addiction settled for good.

    Today, the tendency is for me to have finally closed down. So I'm not talking about movies that are not somehow old. So it's about actors and actresses. Even because the general structure that today governs the new productions disgusts me and killed the enchantment.

    To speak in enchantment, I have to be stuck in a past that is becoming more and more ancient. But, as long as they have not become museum pieces, if they have not already become this, let me have one final outburst, one last expression, that is being made here in this topic.

    The posts that you added here and that I scored positively, I still reached them. I will regret not being able to do this for some of them, already posted.

    I've been giving a very slight peek at the directions you've made, @kahukura (especially the last above), the same for you, @Ornorm, and I almost deplore that I'll miss them.

    It's for my next reincarnation haha.

  • @quinca71 I think I can see your point. I do not have a TV since a couple of years now and modern stuff like *flix I have never touched until now. However I do enjoy good movies which touch my heart in a certain way, that's what I have posted so far.
    When you speak about the Silent Movies era I would like you to listen to the Optical Series of In The Nursery from Sheffield (to be found here). It would be a great pleasure when you like them as much as I do.


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