Mouse gestures like in old Opera <3

  • Hi, I'm desperatly waiting for old mouse gestures like we use to have in Opera. I know there are few implemanted, but a lot more are missing 😞 For exemple : - right clic on a link + down move and up move : open in backtab - right clic maintained + left clic : previous page - left clic maintained + right clic : next page etc... Are they planned to be implemanted in Vivaldi someday...? Thank's a lot for your job. We missed Opera spirit ^^

  • The "hold left click, then right click" and "hold right click, then left click" gestures already work.

  • Maybe faboss is using Tech Preview 2 and not the current build…?!

  • Hi there 🙂
    I'm actually in and i'm glad to say that "right clic on a link + down move and up move" is back 🙂
    I don't know which was the release that brang it but, thank's a lot !

  • Only gesture I'm really missing is right click + wheel up/down to switch tabs. It shouldnt be too hard to implement as that functionality already exists with ctr+tab 🙂


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