Ephemeral Tabs - Close Tabs not Used in a While

  • While the hibernate feature is essential, housekeeping tabs becomes a chore when we have too many open

    V could take this one more step ahead of Chrome by having them go poof! instead of hibernating them.

    Older Tabs which are hibernated are loaded unnecessarily when all we wanted to do was close it anyway.

    If this can't be done there can at least be an option for solicited lazy loading of migrated tabs which would allow us to close it instead and move on to the next tab.

    If we dont want a tab to be hibernated we can always pin it or have V give us an option to never hibernate it ?

    Of course when throwing the wand at it V could always give us a notif that this this and this tabs are going away in 3..2..1 seconds. If we need it back it is always in history (which should mark which tabs have been to the black hole)

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Not as a work around but what about tab stacking your ephemeral tabs for easy closing.
    I'm a strange type, I don't like to have very many tabs open without stacking tabs. Even then
    I don't open very many. And I tab stack even less. I'm just offering a solution.
    Ephemeral is ephemeral.

    I guess I'm wondering is how would V know which tabs you want to close
    and which ones you want to keep open? How would Vivaldi know which are ephemeral and which are not?

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    @para-noid Perhaps something like an option to keep a max of X tabs. Example: set a max of 15 hibernated tabs and you hibernate 16th, the 1st one get's closed . (just a sugestion based on op)

  • Max is also do-able', like 5, like our IQ will max on 🙂

    But it defn. could be time-based or click-based, I will leave it to the experts in this field.

    I infer tabs we dont want to be closed out on us are the pinned ones (obv-and V does a MUCH better job than Chrome on this, that why I am sticking 🙂 or ones we could mark as "keep or dont hib"

  • Who is a V Ambassador ? A Marketing guy/Dev/SuperUser/Kingpin ?

  • @rojaviv Users who volunteer to spread the word about Vivaldi.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Keeping a max number of tabs open could hinder those who need a ton of tabs open constantly.
    Placing a Max number could be considered a handcuff to a bunch of users. Tab stacking might be the only doable

  • @para-noid V for the most part avoids being opinionated and would never force this - it would be a flag/setting/whatever if at all.
    Stacking tabs doesnt seem like an alternative to this. We are talking about redundant open tabs , not ones we need.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    @rojaviv Tab stacking is a viable answer. If a user has some ephemeral tabs it make sense to stack them. If the ephemeral tabs are in one place finding them is that much easier. Easier to find equates to easier to close. Hunting down ephemeral tabs becomes a thing of the past as long as tabs are stacked together.


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