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  • It's very weird for me to not see any loading gif or similar when I'm trying to load a page im requesting, it also happens on some webpages when you try to reload, it's like nothing happens but suddenly a few seconds later it refreshes. I would like to code an extension to make the screen white and black scale filter while loading, any idea of how to start coding?

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    I could envisage an extension that adds an icon into the extensions area, that changes icon or even just appears/disappears to indicate the page is loading.

    I would suggest this API:

    And using chrome.tabs.onUpdated.addListener(function callback) to check to see if a tab state gets updated (i.e. it becomes loading, or complete).

    As well as chrome.tabs.onActivated.addListener(function callback) to see when a user switches a tab. Alternatively you could just have the icon change whenever a tab is loading, and you could list them with a badge or a drop-down.

    If you would rather not use an icon in the extension area and focus on on changing the screen colour, I'm not sure if that's possible via an extension. It may be possible via a mod.

    I'm not sure what is meant by " make the screen white and black scale filter "

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