Option to Delete Selected Text Using the Mouse

  • There are times I want to (for example) highlight text from a URL or from a form field, and then use the mouse to delete the selected text. I don't want the text to go into the clipboard, which happens when using cut.

    This is a very common option in almost every other browser I've encountered, yet for some reason is missing from Vivaldi. Is there a functional reason this isn't implemented? Can it be implemented in a future release?

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    @mozilla There is a shortcut to truncate a URL by Ctrl+Click to go to a parent folder.

  • @Pesala Thanks for the tip, but that only helps with one (relatively minor) subset of editing. I want to be able to delete any text, not just go to a parent folder. And with Opera's/Vivaldi's dedication to accessibility, one should be able to accomplish this without having to use the keyboard.

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    This option exists in Opera 12.18 and in Firefox.

    It does not exist in Opera 53, so I guess it is missing from Chrome too. That would explain why it does not yet exist in Vivaldi. It would have to be implemented by the Vivaldi Team.

  • I would like this too. My arthritic shoulders don't like reaching to click the Delete key all the time.
    Some day, you programmers May appreciate the need for this feature. Doesn't seem like a difficult thing to add, but what do I know and it probably doesn't seem difficult to reach constantly to the Delete key, but I know the latter is.

    Thanks for your attention to this issue.
    Mac OS X El Capitan.

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    @DeeOhhEff said in Option to Delete Selected Text Using the Mouse:

    Some day, you programmers May appreciate the need for this feature.

    That is unfair. Just because the developers are young and healthy (and that's not known) it does not mean that they don't care about accessibility issues. One poor guy has only one wheel on his bike.

    Of some 1,437 feature requests, this one has just two votes, while others with over 100 are still waiting to be fixed. The Vivaldi Team is small (15 developers), and they have to prioritise on fixing bugs first, then implementing the long-promised email-client and mobile browser, so adding features comes only after those two.

    I always suggest workarounds if possible, because some features may take years to implement. It may be frustrating, but there it is. The business is not making money yet.

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